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Jun 19, 2009 08:55 PM

peter lugers then what?

Hi all, 2 couples(mid 40's) we are having dinner at Peter Lugars in Brooklyn on a saturday night. Afterwards where should we go for a drink? Stay in that area or start our way back to the theater district where we are staying. thanks alot...

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  1. You might like the williamsburgh area of brooklyn, near PL. Post on the outerboroughs board. You could also walk back to Manhattan over the Williamsburgh bridge.

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          I didn't have any coffee that day...sorry

    1. Just go down the block to Giandos which is right on the water with a great bar and great views of Manhattan

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        I second Giando's rec for a drink (stay away from the wine and food). It's not hip and it is pretty basic ital-american catering hall style, but that view from the bar cannot be beat. The view rivals River Cafe as you can see 3 bridges. Definitely worth a post dinner martini.

        For good wine try Bridget, ( also on Broadway. If it's later in the evening (after the dinner rush), you could just go across the street from Luger's and try Dressler... some of the best cocktails in the neighborhood.

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          Third Giando. The views are stunning and the bar is very pleasant. Be aware that they sometimes shut down early - around 10:00PM. Best to get their number and give them a call before you head over. (It's about a 5 minute walk away.)

          Dressler would be my 2nd choice.

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            is the walk over the bridge something we should do?

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              The restaurant is located near the Williamsburg bridge, not the Brooklyn. It's not as scenic but it's certainly walkable. The pedestrian entrance for the bridge is on Bedford Ave.

              Honestly, if I were you I'd have that drink at Giando's and then have them call a car service for you. I'd walk over the Brooklyn bridge on another day.

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                I think your right Bob. I like the idea of an after dinner drink and a nice relaxing ride back to the hotel. Giandos looks fine for the job. the dressler looks like a nice bar but I would love a view so Giandos looks like the spot.

                1. re: kevin25

                  The view is fantastic. As I mentioned above, just be sure and give them a call before you go to be sure they're not shutting down early.

                  (718) 387-7000

      2. Hate to be a hater... but I would avoid Giando. Anyway, you'll probably just want to get in a cab and go home to bed/have a drink at the bar in the hotel if your food coma is not too strong.

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        1. definitely get a cocktail at the bar at 'dressler' across the street from lugars. beautiful iron work in a hip but mature setting. its a michelin rated restaurant, so if on the off chance you do have any room left for food, get an app (better than the entrees there i think).

          if you don't mind hipsters (tattooed 20-somethings) and potentially a bit cramped... go to marlow and sons or diner (of the 2 i'd lean towards marlow) -- a few doors down for a shared desert and digestif or champagne afterwards.

          there's also the velvet cigar lounge a couple doors down from lugars if you're in the mood for that. draws many a lugar's patron into the small comfortable and quiet space.