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Jun 19, 2009 08:22 PM

Newfoundland food

Can anyone suggest a restaurant in the GTA that serves such Newfoundland foods as fish and brewis and Jiggs' Dinner?

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  1. I just made a Jiggs' Dinner last week! Got to eat it for days as hash.

    There is a place called Brigadoon's in Scarborough at Vic Park and St. Clair. I've never been there and couldn't find a website. You could try calling though.

    On the Danforth there is a bar on the north side near Jones. I took a picture of the sign once to remember it, but it was on my old phone. Sorry I'm no help beyond that, but if you wander around I'm sure you'll find it.

    If you want to buy stuff and make it yourself my friend bought cod tongues (though she swears they were cheeks) at a place called Seaport Merchants. Hmm, when I searched for it, it's the same address as Brigadoon's so maybe they're connected?

    I'm afraid there ain't much in this town!

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      "On the Danforth there is a bar on the north side near Jones."

      I've never been in'it, but, the place is called Eton House. Their signs really push their Newfoundland connections. At the very least you might find some similar-minded expats.

      Eye commentary:

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        Seaport Merchants

        Just down the road a bit from Brigadoon's.

        Drive by both all the time, have visited neither.

      2. Please, I would also love to know the answer to this question! I need a big plate of cod tongue with scrunchions desperately.

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          You could buy some cod tongues for home from Little Taste of Home. Little Bit of Home, the pub, might also serve them, but their menu's not on their website.

        2. It's not really in the GTA but if you happen to be headed north on highway 6, there is the Goofy Newfie in Fergus that has a lot of what you're looking for on the menu.

          1. Newfie Variety Store
            31 Melanie Drive
            Brampton, ON

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              Seaport Merchants has a full range of fish and live lobster, plus all kinds of East Coast specialties. They have navel beef, Purity brand cookies, chow chow, partridgeberries and many other things. It's at 1101 Victoria Park Ave. and St. Clair East.

              Spice City Toronto: Adventures in ethnic food in the GTA

            2. These are old, but it doesn't look like the selection has changed that much.