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Jun 19, 2009 07:31 PM

Let's sing the praises of the Wonder Shredder!

or, since I live in the Boston area, the Wonda Shredda! I grew up using my mother's to grate cheese, cabbage, potatoes, my knuckles. When I moved out, I had to resort to using the dreadful supermarket box grater, which has holes that trap more food than falls down to be cooked with! Grrr -- I hate those things. Then my wonderful mother found a set of three Wonder Shredders at a yard sale and gave them to me for Christmas. The set has one with very large holes, one with medium, and one with tiny, for hard cheeses. THey fit beautifully across a bowl, or angle down into a pan. Why would I use a Cuisinart to grate when I've got these beauties?!?

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