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desert rain cafe, selles, arizona

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i heard about this cafe on npr and i was wondering if anybody has visited. thanks!

The Desert Rain Cafe in Sells, Ariz., has been open for two months. During that time, the café, which is run by the Tohono O'Odham Nation, has already reached one of its owner's goals: to bring back local culture and help slow a health epidemic by serving tasty food.


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  1. I heard this too on the way home from work tonight. I would love to try it. It sounded wonderful.

    1. Hot tip: If you happen to be going to Kitt Peak National Observatory, Desert Rain Cafe is another 20 miles down the highway that takes you from Tucson to Kitt Peak.

        1. The Desert Rain cafe is one of the best places i have gone to eat. The food is all natural and healthy. My favorite dish is the Ha:l enchiladas but he Prickly Pear Chicken sandwich is also excellent. I also recommend starting off with the Desert Hummus.

          I eat at this Cafe once a week and have yet to get bored with it. Plus it's a non-profit organization : http://www.tocaonline.org/Home.html

          1. I'm a regular at Desert Rain because I work in Sells. They've added a few new items to the menu in the last few weeks, including an incredible Wednesday special of pork ribs with a light prickly pear glaze, corn bread, and tepary beans. I love it.
            On other days, my favorites include the chia berry slushie, the agave-sweetened lemonade, the new chicken quesadillas, and those great squash enchiladas. It's also just nice to be able to have tepary beans without heating up my own kitchen.

            1. The Desert Rain Cafe in Sells is well worth the drive out from Tucson...through the beautiful Sonoran desert no less and only a few minutes from the spectacular Tohono O'odham Museum and Cultural Center. The food at the Cafe is an outstanding treat of desert foods, many grown by the non-profit, Tohono O'odham Community Action that runs the cafe. It will be celebrating one year since opening and is going strong. A gem in the desert where you can enjoy real Native foods that are locally grown and prepared. Excellent. Five Big Stars!

              1. A friend just came back from a camping trip raving about the food here. His breakfast was so good, he told me, that he had to hang around for lunch. He particularly mentioned the prickly pear glazed pork ribs. I'm glad this is already on the Chowhound radar screen, but I wish it were closer to my end of the state.

                The restaurant has a website now, so you can check out the menu.