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Jun 19, 2009 05:06 PM

Philadelphia Specialty Food Shops Needed

Philadelphia food fans. For a work related project a group of us need to visit specialty food sstores, shops etc to sample and taste the latest trends in food flavors. We are mainly interested in "sweet" places but are also interested in some savory. An example might be a bread bakery shop that might have both sweet and savory products. Not interested in butchers.

Earlier this year we completed a trend trek of Soho, Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Lower NYC and just last week we did Mid Town NYC. Both treks turned up a tremendous amount of ideas, trends and concepts. Now we want to do Philly!

Here is a list of the type of places we are looking for:
Specialty Bakeries
Specialty Gelato, Ice Cream
Bread Shops
Gourmet Shops or Markets
Specialty Coffee or Tea shops (no Starbucks or Cosi)
Chocolatiers or Specialty Chocolate Shops
Interesting Candy or Nut Stores
Specialty Juice or Smoothie Stores
Specialty Cupcake Shops
Specialty Doughnut Shops
Anything I may have missed

I have already have on the list Capogiro, Reading Terminal Market, Dibruno"s, Metropolitan Bakery. I know there are many others, please help with the list.
Looking to stay in Center City but we are willing to travel from the Delaware to the Schuylkill, basically anywhere in Center City.

Thanks in advance for your help

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Off the top of my head, Franklin Fountain, Naked Chocolate, T-bar and Nuts to You.

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      1. re: LisaPA

        Thanks Cookie and Lisa, have marked down your suggestions.
        Keep them coming!

      2. Try Artisan Boulangerie Patissier on 12th and Morris Sts for great croissants of all types. In additon to plain, they have cheese, almond, chocolate, chocolate-almond, and all types with fresh fruit.

        For doughnuts, while I wouldn't call them "specialty", go to Frangelli's Bakery on 9th and Ritner Sts.

        1. famous 4th street cookies, either at 4th and Bainbridge, or I'm pretty sure they sell the same ones in Reading Terminal Market, which you've already got on your list.

          If there's a canoli category - Termini's (RTM as well as S. Philly)!

          1. Gourmet Shops or Markets:
            Italian Market (no brainer) (9th between Christian and Washington roughly)
            Market at East Falls (3747 RIDGE AVE)
            Marke and Shops at Comcast Center (17th and JFK)