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Jun 19, 2009 04:55 PM

ISO of a good restaurant with entertainment...does it exist?

Looking for a restaurant that has good entertainment and good food in the metro LA area. I am hosting a bachelorette and would like to started it off with a nice lively dinner. I am thinking of El CId but have no clue about what the food is like. Then I want to head to a good bar. Looking for good bar suggestions too. Price point $45/pp.

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  1. My niece just told me about a Brazilian restaurant - offers good food and has a floor show (Carnival type). I have been there, so cannot verify the claims. It is in Glendale.

    1. Might not be exactly what you had in mind but Palms Thai in Hwood has the kring himself, Thai Elvis! and he is goo-o-od. good food, too. beer/sake/cocktails.

      1. Dar Maghreb is fun for a group, has entertainment (belly dancers) & the food is not bad.

        1. Papadakis Taverna in San Pedro. I think the food is good (but on the expensive side, even for greek food) and the entertainment was...well... entertaining.
          El Cid -Flamenco is interesting but the food is blah
          Miceli's - Two locations, one in Universal City, the other in H-wood... standard italian fare (nothing WOW) with singing waiters
          Spazio in Sherman Oaks on Ventura - Good food, nice Jazz
          Samba in Redondo Beach - Brazillian food (it's okay) and they do shows too.
          Dar Maghreb in LA - Decent Morrocan food, nice ambiance, okay for small groups, and the belly dancers are just ok.

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