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Suggestions for Leftover Salmon Filet?

We cedar-plank grilled a large filet in a light maple-soy marinade, and have at least a pound left over. Any ideas? TIA!

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    1. re: critter101

      Great suggestion from the critter. My first thought was salmon quenelles or croquettes or cakes...whatever. Another option would be to mix the feesh into cream cheese along w/ some chopped red onion or shallot for a bagel shmear. Or add some sour cream to the above for a dip or spread. adam

    2. Salmon fried rice (if you don't go with Jfood's croquettes, which would be shame!)...recently tried it and at first, I thought: Salmon fried rice?? Nah! -- well, it was really good!

      1. Can't go wrong with flaking it up and using it for fish salad like you would tuna. I smoke whole sides just to make smoked fish spread with it.

        1. I often make this Asian Salmon Noodle Salad with leftover salmon, it works especially well with a maple-soy marinade.


          1. french bread, cold salmon, avocado, mayo, and red onion.
            Call me when it's ready to cut.

            1. Toss with Chinese egg noodles, sesame oil, garlic.

              Use it in a salad.

              Eat it cold with a homemade mayonnaise or rouille.

              Salmon pot pie.

              1. Flake and put on pasta with barely browned butter & garlic & chiffonade of of basil or shiso.

                Brown, with butter and EVOO, corn with salmon for a chowder, with garlic and tarragon or dill. (And, of course, garlic.)

                A savory cheesecake.

                1. Use with oshisushi or chirashi, or tekamaki.

                  1. Eat it cold, as is, served with plain hot rice.

                    1. Make a pasta...my family asks me to grill salmon so we have leftovers for this dish. I would modify this according to the original seasoning of the salmon.In your case, I would choose herbs and veggies to meld with the cedar-maple flavor. This is my method: I saute minced garlic in olive oil, add some light cream and reduce. Add roasted veggies of your choice and fresh herbs. I like to include roasted red peppers because it really perfumes the sauce. Add flaked salmon, s&p to taste and a bit of cayenne. Thin with pasta water and toss with linguini. Yum.

                      1. Salmon salad sandwiches, chop up salmon, chop up celery, mayo, add capers, a little mustard, lemon juice, and possibly chopped hard boiled egg, serve on lightly toasted sourdough bread with lettuce and tomato.

                        1. One of my son's all time favorite dishes is aglio olio with left over salmon added in. We make extra salmon just so we can have enough left for this dish.

                          1. I like a lot of the suggestions here. Also I'd make kedgeree w/ my leftover salmon.

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                              Hi, lucygoosey. Is there a kedgeree recipe that you recommend?


                              1. re: TerriL

                                I'm not a recipe gal and I'm not super traditional. When I do a kedgeree dish I use the fish, flaked and rice tossed in w/ sauteed onions and herbs(cilantro, parsley and maybe scallion). I like curry powder in mine and think toasting it a bit in a dry pan before use makes it better. I also absolutely love some currants or raisins in there for some sweet bites. In the morning I'd top w/ a poached egg or later in the day just a little mango chutney on the side.
                                Hope this helps.

                            2. Thanks for all the suggestions. Now that summer's here, I'll have a chance to try a lot of them out.

                              One question, for those who have made the croquette recipe: it looks terrific, with the exception of the mayo (even homemade, this is the one food I cannot eat). Any suggestions for a substitution? Maybe just enough olive oil to hold it together?

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                                Yes, just a bit of oil - and a beaten egg if you can tolerate that.

                              2. The pasta idea sounds great. I also like to do fish tacos with leftover salmon. When it's Asian flavored, I'll add shredded cabbage or lettuce, avocado and chipotle mayo with some cilantro....in a tortilla. You could add other vegetables if you wanted. Or sometimes, when I do a mango salsa with the grilled salmon, I'll add that in the taco.