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Jun 19, 2009 03:56 PM

Are there any good fish & chips in Hartford area?

I have a craving for fish and chips so I'm heading out tomorrow night to satisfy my need for fried fish. Not asking for much, just quality fish and chips in a sit down restaurant, not like a City Fish type place where you place order and take away to tables.

East of the river would be fantastic, don't want to go west of Hartford. Lets say Hartford, south to Rocky Hill, and as far east as Vernon (and all in between) are all fair game. Any recommendations?

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  1. The place that occurs to me is the Corner Pug, but it's in Elmwood/West Hartford.

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    1. re: caviar_and_chitlins

      I agree, Corner Pug fish and chips is very good. Also like Vaughns Public House on Pratt St. in Hartford. And beleive it or not, Red Robbin also has excellent fish and chips.

    2. There are two places in Hartford called Tinkers Seafood. They serve good fish and chips and not expensive. But not much to look at either. One is on Main st. near the Wadsworth atheneum. The other on the same street as Colt Manufacturing. Cant remember the street name.

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        tinkers is on park street just east of prospect avenue..around the corner from o'porto and a fabulous little thai market

      2. My wife and i recently ate at the Saybrook Fish house on the Silas Deane Highway in Rocky hill where she had the fish and chips and said that they were very good.

        1. there is also Mickey's Oceanic Grill in E. Hartford.