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Jun 19, 2009 03:37 PM

Hwy 50 to I-70: NV, UT, CO

We'll be driving from San Francisco to Boulder via Hwy 50 and I-70. Any decent eats along the way? Anything notable?

We plan to spend the first night in Ely, NV - any recommendations there?

Then we'll spend a day camping and exploring Great Basin National Park, and from there we'll head to Rocky Mountain NP for more camping before finally making it to Boulder.

Where are our best bets for meals along the way?

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  1. I've done the South Lake Tahoe to Vail trip twice in the last 6 months via Hwy 50 and I70. 50 IS the loneliest Hwy. From Carson City to Grand Junction, I still haven't found a good place to eat. Border (on the line between NV and UT is barely OK) as was a Mexican place in Ely. I didn't try the Casinos in Ely. From now on its I80 for me.

    If you are going through Rocky Mountain NP, then you are probably going to turn north at Silverthorne. There is not much besides Grand Lake between Silverthorne and Lyons.

    My advice is get a big cooler, lot's of picnic supplies and hit the grocery stores along the way. The terrific places to picnic are endless.

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      This past winter we found a wonderful place to eat in the Grand Lake area. Caroline's Cuisine has burgers as well as fine dining items on the menu. Our meals were all excellent. The also have an interesting wine list, including specials on wine. From the specials list we ordered an incredible bottle of wine, nearing the end of its drinkable life, for a really inexpensive price.