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Jun 19, 2009 03:31 PM

Birthday Lunch in Santa Fe

On Sunday, we're planning to have birthday lunch in Santa Fe.
Just something light about noon.
Quiet atmosphere preferred.
Vegetarian choices would be good, in addition to "regular" food. We'd like to avoid onions and garlic, since we're going to an afternoon gathering.
I have my "regular" places, but I'd like your ideas for something different.


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  1. How about this cafe, Tree House Pastry and Cafe. I have not eaten there, but it gets glowing reviews

    The serve breakfast and lunch, vegetarian only, but the food looks wonderful on the menu and I think the non[vegetarians would be ok, I would!

    They have brunch on Sunday from 10 - 3pm. Since this will be Father's Day, you might give yourself time.


    Tree House Pastry Shop/Cafe

    1600 Lena Street in the Lena Street Lofts 505-474-5543

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    1. re: DebitNM

      Oh, I forgot about Father's Day.

      I think we'll try it. I stopped in the other day, but they'd done with lunch and were only serving desserts, so I went to Counter Culture.
      It's a pleasant location.

      Any other thoughts?


      1. re: momadamsa

        The Chocolate Maven This was really good. We had lunch there. It had a great menu with a variety of items and it was hard to choose. DH had a risotto with feta, shrimp and basil. It was very good, but it took a really long time for it to come out of the kitchen. They were busy, but this was the special and one would have thought it would be out a bit faster. I had bagel, lox and cream cheese. It was very good. The desserts are why people flock to this place. We took some chocolate almond croissants with us. They were very good. [it is a bit out of the way, but worth finding]

        They do Brunch on Sundays, not sure about the "quiet" factor.

        821 W San Mateo Rd Ste C

        Paris Cafe on 31 Burro Alley Street, around the corner from Lensik Theatre for a bistro meal that is very good.

        For another time, For Mon - Fridays: Torino's 227 Don Gaspar Ave., Inside Santa Fe Village and again, away from the crowds. You wouldn't know it was here if you weren't looking for it..Italian/French home style cooking at great prices. DH had a caprise salad and I had a salad nicoise. Both were really good and great price.

        chocolate maven
        santa fe

        paris cafe
        santa fe

        1. re: DebitNM

          Forgot this one

          Torino's At Home
          227 Don Gaspar Ave, Santa Fe, NM

          1. re: DebitNM

            That's your role in life, Deb - reminding me of restaurants I like.
            Thanks for the memory jog.

            We find ourselves in Santa Fe at mealtime and say - gosh, where should we go. And we end up at Tribes (always good) , Zia Diner (Sunday seems to be the cook's day off, or the cook's off day), or Counter Culture. Please keep reminding me of the other places I'd like to remember.


            1. re: momadamsa

              Los Potrillos on Cerrillos is a favorite of ours when we're in SF. Their chicken in pineapple sauce is insane.

              Zia Diner- do their cooks ever have an ON day? I dont see what people see in that place, the meals I have had there have been bad at best.

              1. re: ma_bell_deve

                We've had wonderful meals at Zia, but Sundays are just never good. Last time it was perfectly awful - the waiter even refused to make eye contact. Just zipped by the table saying "How's everything" but not waiting for an answer.

                I keep forgetting about Los Potrillos. Maybe since I don't do cheese anymore most Northern NM restaurants have lost their appeal.

                We ended up with lunch at Treehouse (pleasant, a little noisy with the ventillation and cooking sounds, non-vegetarian husband was not thrilled) and a late dinner at Tribes (consistantly good).