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Jun 19, 2009 03:01 PM

Paris restaurants with tripe (other than mode de Caen)?

I'm a big fan of tripe and am looking for relatively inexpensive restaurants with tripe dishes (say, around 10-17 euros). I have been eating andouillette non-stop since getting here a week ago and am tired also of tripes a la mode de Caen. Any other ideas? It doesn't need to be French cuisine (for example, I love tripe in pho but I'd also like to venture into other dishes beyond that)


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  1. Pho indeed. See Pho 14, av. de Choisy. See also l'Auberge du Quincy, av. Ledru Rollin (they have pieds et paquets, maybe tripes per se as well). See also fried pork intestin in a good Chinese such as LIkafo (av. de Choisy too).

    1. The last time I visited Chez Denise, the lady ordered tripe cooked in Calvados, which was an enormous portion, served in a Mauviel flared saucepan in which it was cooked.
      I believe that the menu at Chez Denise changes from time to time, it's written on a chalkboard on the wall, and it might be wise to telephone to be sure they're serving it on a given day. I can't recall the price, it was at least 15 Euros, probably in the low 20's, but the tripe was tasty, a very reasonable price for what was served.

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        Oops. Color me foolish. I didn't know that tripes a la mode de Caen and tripe cooked in Calvados is the same. Apologies.

      2. Chez Denise, indeed does serve, TALMA Caen, but what tripe, always on the menu, last seen at 17€ last fall, it is all gras double and is truly wonderful. My favorite pot of tripe anywhere. About a block away is Pharamond, whose original reputation was built of tripe , sold some years back and can no longer attest to it`s goodness/badness. Have had the provincial style, with tomatoes and stuff, but only on specials, not constant menu choice

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          you might try this place, Michelin Bibb Gourmand, specializes in the odd parts of animals:

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            Thanks, been many times. For me, place looks great, service wonderful as well. Food seems many times to be cooked in same way. Breaded lightly and hot sauteed with little spice and little saucing, therefore somewhat boring.