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Jun 19, 2009 02:43 PM

Lansing on Sunday, July 5

Friends from Los Angeles will be meeting us in Lansing on Sunday, July 5 for Brunch, Lunch or Dinner. We'll each be driving 2 hours to meet. I've not been able to come up with a definitive choice. I'd like your input. I promised my friends no sushi or Mexican as I know they would be disappointed. Two places look interesting: India Palace and Woody's Oasis. What do you recommend?

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  1. India Palace has been getting rave reviews since it changed hands. I'm going Thursday, I'll let you know.

    Woody's can be kind of spotty. I like the Trowbridge location.

    Hong Kong is great if you eat off the authentic Chinese side of the menu. Go here for more details

    Edited to add that

    is a good source of Lansing area restaurant reviews as are some to the blogs linked on the right hand side of the screen.
    Mid-Michigan dining (listed there) is an good resource, he's reviewing Chicago area this week but scroll down and you'll find a wealth of reviews.

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      I went to India Palace this week. The food was great and so was the service. I tried the lunch buffet and much preferred the vegetarian dishes, especially the Paneer with peas! Do try the mango lassi, it's beautiful as well as delicious!

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        Thanks for the update. We settled on Mitchell's Fish Market as they take reservations and only allow smoking in the bar area. If you've been there and have any comments, I'd appreciate knowing them.

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          Mitchelll's is a good choice I think. While I've never been to the Lansing location, I'm sure it's similar to the Livonia, MI location as it's a chain.

          I really enjoy fresh fish, and they have some great options for preparation. My favorite is the Shang Hai. Goes great with the milder fishes, which I prefer, because it doesn't over power the fish. My huband loves the Fish Market Trio which gaves a small sampling of three dishes. Have fun!

    2. If your plans change, consider India Palace ... it is really a treat ... my wife, who until now only grudgingly chose Indian food, accepted my "Fathers' Day prerogative" and we went to India Palace. She is now an enthusiastic fan. The owner, Paddy Rawal, is veteran restauranteur, and goes out of his way to make this a cuisine experience. He will personally greet you and stop by your table frequently. Since he has recently take over the restaurant and word is just getting out, you won't have to wait for a table. Guaranteed palate pleaser, and not the ordinary.

      1. Mitchell's is good and really the only place I would trust to get fresh seafood in Lansing. However, it's a chain. You should go to the Knight Cap or Troppo. They're both locally owned and unique with really great atmosphere. Mitchell's isn't going to give a memorable experience to anyone from LA.



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          Unfortunately, both of these places are closed on Sundays.

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            Totally agree with MovieGuy when he says" Mitchell's isn't going to give a memorable experience to anyone from LA". Its a chain and just okay.. probably considered good for Lansing standards but IMO that isn't saying to much as this area is desperately lacking in quality, trendy restaurants.
            My favorite restaurant here is Dustys Cellar for dinner. Have eaten there many times and taken many out of towners with good response. They also have lunch during the week and a Sunday brunch although I have never been to the brunch. Next store to Dusty's is their tap room which is their pub and serves traditional pub food such as hamburgers, sandwiches and salads. Huge beer and wine selection at both places. Food is good here too for what it is. We usually go here during the week. They have several outside tables at both places but your basically overlooking a parking lot while sitting in a strip mall. Inside seating at DustysCellar is nice-room is not that big so reservations on a weekend usually a must. Dusty Cellars would be my choice especially for friends coming from LA if you want good food.
            My husband ate at Troppo's the other week with some business partners and thought it was pretty good. Plan to go there again and Knightcap is also on our list. Have heard really good things about that place also.


            Click on the Dustys Wine Bar for main restaurant when you go on their web page to also view their brunch menu-looks really good but definately make reservations early for that if you plan to go. Fills up fast.

          2. Dusty's can be spotty and so can Mitchell's. If you are going for a chain, go to Bravo (next door to Mitchell's), no smoking, consistently great quality and something for everyone.

            Even their seafood bisque is better than Mitchell's.


            And if was between Dusty's and Mitchell's I'd choose Dusty's every time!

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              Bravo would be a great choice and probably seems what your most looking for. I love their wood grilled salmon and get it almost every time. So much better then Mitchells. Well, good luck and enjoy your visit with your friends and have a happy 4th.