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Jun 19, 2009 02:41 PM

Looking for opera cake

i'm looking for a really good opera cake for my husbands birthday next week. i've had the one from viktor benes and thought it was a bit too sweet and not very flavorful. i'm thinking of getting one from porto's but never had theirs. i'm in the pasadena area and can't travel too far. anyone with suggestions?

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  1. Is it a French Cake, Italian, Cuban?

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      it's a french cake. layers of almond sponge cake with coffee butter cream and topped with ganache.

    2. The Nordstrom Cafe has been known to carry a great Opera's been featured on Road Tasted with Jamie and Bobby Dean on the Food Network. Porto's also makes a great version, too.

      1. Forgot the links.

        Porto's Bakery
        315 N Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA 91203

        Porto's Bakery
        3614 W Magnolia Blvd, Burbank, CA 91505

        1. Also, Nata's pastries in Sherman Oaks has an excellent Opera Cake.

          1. I would go with Porto's. It's delicious.

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