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Jun 19, 2009 02:30 PM

Any recommendations for DC?

My husband, 12-year old daughter, and I will be traveling to DC for a few days in late July, and I'm curious as to where to dine. Our daughter is a very good eater, not picky at all, so no worries on that score. Any ideas for good food, but not too pricey?

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  1. Can you be more specific? Where exactly will you be staying? Do you want to Metro, cab, drive? What do you mean by too pricey? Are you looking for a food adventure?

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    1. re: indcgirl

      We are staying at the Melrose Hotel at 2430 Pennsylvania Avenue. Since we're going to be doing all the "touristy" things, we're looking for places where we can get good food, but also be able to go in very casual clothes. (Not t-shirts or anything; just nice shorts and shirts, etc.) Where's good for pizza/Italian, Mexican, seafood, American fare, and breakfast? The places that look interesting so far are Papermoon, Manny & Olga's, J. Paul's, Garrett's, Booeymonger, The Guards, and Tony & Joe's Seafood Place. Any opinions on these?

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        Papermoon, Manny & Olga's, J. Paul's, Garrett's, Booeymonger, The Guards, and Tony & Joe's Seafood Place. Any opinions on these?
        Booeymonger makes good sandwiches but nothing special. J Paul's is a institutional tourist trap. The rest aren't worth mentioning.

        Blue Duck Tavern (American), Westend Bistro (Ripert's DC joint), Pizza Paradiso, Obelisk (Italian prix fixe), La Chaumiere (old school bistro), Bourbon Steak (Mina's steak house), Mie 'n Yu (decent pan Asian food but really cool decor) good Mexican, you can get expensive seafood at Kinkead's,

        1. re: Ericandblueboy

          Ericandblueboy has given you a list of excellent restaurants, but I can't reconcile the prices at these places with your request for "not too pricey" category. Of course, without any specific idea of what you mean by not-too-pricey, we're all operating in the dark.

          The following suggestions should get you started, but why don't you specify a more precise price range?

          If you eat early at Bourbon Steak you can enjoy a three-course meal for $59 per person. (Friday/Saturday hours are ealier than the hours for the rest of the days of the week.)

          Obelisk's excellent prix fixe comes in at $65 per person.

          Good Stuff Eatery is the place to go for outstanding hamburgers and excellent milkshakes in what-I'm-guessing is your price range.

          Cafe Atlantico offers a super deal if you eat early. (Three-course meal for $35) This would be a great way to sample Chef Andres' food.

          Rasika, a fabulously wonderful, modern Indian restaurant offers a pre-theater special three-course meal for $30. (I don't know the details of days/hours.) You must order their crispy spinach. I think your daughter would scarf that up.

          Teaism is another place that qualifies as not-too-pricey. (Several locations.)

          1. re: Ericandblueboy

            I'd pass on Bourbon, unless you like chewy, grey, overpriced steak. A total waste of time. If you want steak, go elsewhere, perhaps Ray's or Carlyle (which has a great Rib Eye for $23 -- no, I don't work there, but I go a lot.).

      2. Jaleo for Spanish tapas. Do a search for specific recommendations. This is Jose Andres' flagship restaurant and is partly responsible for his fame. I highly recommend the lemonade for your daughter.

        1. I would not recommend anything on the Gtown waterfront (T&J's). Do consider going to Central! Get the strawberry soda for your daughter...

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          1. re: monavano

            For seafood you could go to Tacklebox, which is in Georgetown and is pretty casual.

            Also in Georgetown is Baked and Wired which make excellent cupcakes and other baked goods as well as cofee and tea, good for a quick breakfast.

            1. re: msjess

              And right around the corner from Tacklebox is Georgetown Cupcake...

          2. Are you up for leaving your immediate area? Georgetown is not the best restaurant spot in DC. Tackle Box is good, very casual and inexpensive--you sit at picnic benches and pick up your food at the counter.

            A place that we've liked very much and is a bit underappreciated is Circle Bistro, at Washington Circle. Definitely higher end, kind of an interesting and funky atmosphere. Eclectic food, always high quality. Has been listed in the Washingtonian 100 Best Restaurants and not very far from where you are going to be staying. But let us know if you are willing to walk or get into a cab or on Metro.

            1. G'Town is an easy walk (although I find the sidewalks annoyingly narrow) over there Miss Saigon has never disappointed, ok granted not the best VN in the region, and Bistro Francaise has tried and true standards (and neither are pricey).

              the immediate area around your hotel is surrounded by GWU, but you're only a few blocks from Foggy Bottom Metro, so Metro Center/Penn Quarter recommendations (search) are an easy reach.

              Mexican around the Melrose? doubtful. it's gonna lean more American, Asian or French or Seafood. I kinda think Clyde's is boring, but (as?) there are no surprises. and some places can all go very pricey.

              for take-along go to the Greek Deli on 19th btw L and M (10 minute walk at most) and pick up Gyros to eat on the steps of what ever SI museum you go to. and for some folks, 2 can feed 3 people.(they also serve b'fast, but I've never tried it).

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              1. re: hill food

                Miss Saigon has actually disappointed us--we stopped going a few years back. Bistro Francaise is a good option, thought I wouldn't say it is inexpensive. I actually am a big fan of Clyde's, though this is one location in the area I have gone to the least. It is very reliable for quality food, the service is almost always good.

                1. re: bigplate

                  sad to hear that about Ms. Saigon - it has been awhile since I ate there. Bistro F has or had an early and late bird special.

                  I wasn't dogging Clyde's, it is indeed reliable and fits the not too pricey criterion.

                  Dupont Circle is also an easy walk and worth a quick board search.