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Jun 19, 2009 02:21 PM

Dinner with Future In-Laws in Pasadena

Any recommendations for a reasonably priced dinner in Pasadena? We'll be checking out the Langham hotel beforehand, and would love a place to decompress afterwards that has a lot of food options, especially on the healthier side --his dad is pre-diabetic.


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  1. I'd recommend the old reliable Parkway Grill. Still one of the best in Pasadena.

    1. I'd vote for Greet Street Restaurant (lots of options, some healthier than others) or Central Park (less options, excellent food).

      1. I would consider Gyu Kaku and The Melting Pot because they're also good for conversation. If you have the kind of in-laws where you worry about awkward pauses, etc., these are great places :)