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Jun 19, 2009 02:05 PM

Best Los Angeles Cheap Prix Fixe?

My vote is for Little Dom's 15$ Monday night three-course dinner. Had it last Monday and it was awesome. Tomato bruschetta (these were weak--not enough tomato), then excellent seafood risotto and plum crumble cake. Excellent food at any price.

I also like Park in Echo Park (3-course prix fixe on Tuesday for 15; any 3 courses off the menu on Fridays for 20)--really solid food, though not quite as good as Little Dom's. And I like Zanzabelle's Freight by Night (Fridays and Saturdays; 20-30 for 3 courses); it's cooking is a little hit and miss, though fairly ambitious. Haven't tried Canelle yet in Atwater.

What's your current favorite? Low price prix fixe menus really help me eat out in the current economy.

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  1. Las Quenas in North Hollywood, usually $12 for the three-course "menu del dia".

    Bistro Provence in Burbank, $27 or so for three courses.

    1. Jiraffe's $29 Wednesday Ravioli night. 3 courses plus 2 "hand selected wine pairings". Not sure what the hand selection thing is all about, but whatevs...

      1. Brunello Trattoria has a happy hour 3-course prix fixe menu. I don't remember the details but it was offered only during certain times and it was at a great price (I think $12 or $15.

        Brunello Trattoria
        6001 Washington Blvd
        Culver City 90232
        Phone: (310) 280-3856

        1. jar has a spring special right now. i think it's 45 for any app, entree, and dessert. not a bad deal...

          1. Lou on Vine as a nice three course prix fixe menu on Monday nights. While not exactly cheap, it's price of $55 is a good deal, as it includes a flight of 5 different wines.

            In terms of lots of food value for the price, the $29 tasting menu at Tagine on Robertson is a great value and a fun change from the typical.