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Where can I buy an excellent Boston Cream Pie

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Not my favorite but its my Dad's and what he is hankering for. Was going to do one from scratch but ran out of time. Any ideas on where I can buy a very good version of this cake?

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  1. Don't know about retail, but I've had versions I really liked at Flour (South End) and at Novel, in the Christian Science Center. The Parker House invented it, but truth be told I haven't had their version in a long time. I think the Oak Room serves it, probably on a silver salver. Expect touristy places like Durgin-Park to offer it, too, though I couldn't tell you if theirs is any good.


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      My friend ordered one from Flour Bakery for her wedding reception, and it was FANTASTIC. The guests all went back for seconds and thirds. I've never been a big fan of Boston Cream Pie, but this one really took the cake (excuse the pun). =P

    2. Quebrada Bakery in Wellesley and Somerville (Cambridge?) makes a delicious authentic one.

      1. Quebrada is delicious and classic style, but I think you may have to order ahead or at least call - Arlington is the closest to Cambridge.

        Flour's version looks awesome but I'm reluctant to try one that includes coffee syrup in the menu description - doesn't seem right to me.

        The one served at Kingfish Hall is also excellent (really rich, like most of their food), but I don't know about getting a whole one to go from them.

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          I really like Rosie's BCP, and I don't like any of Rosie's other cakes. You can probably walk in and buy one, but you should call ahead to make sure.