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Jun 19, 2009 01:55 PM

Where can I buy an excellent Boston Cream Pie

Not my favorite but its my Dad's and what he is hankering for. Was going to do one from scratch but ran out of time. Any ideas on where I can buy a very good version of this cake?

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  1. Don't know about retail, but I've had versions I really liked at Flour (South End) and at Novel, in the Christian Science Center. The Parker House invented it, but truth be told I haven't had their version in a long time. I think the Oak Room serves it, probably on a silver salver. Expect touristy places like Durgin-Park to offer it, too, though I couldn't tell you if theirs is any good.

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      My friend ordered one from Flour Bakery for her wedding reception, and it was FANTASTIC. The guests all went back for seconds and thirds. I've never been a big fan of Boston Cream Pie, but this one really took the cake (excuse the pun). =P

    2. Quebrada Bakery in Wellesley and Somerville (Cambridge?) makes a delicious authentic one.

      1. Quebrada is delicious and classic style, but I think you may have to order ahead or at least call - Arlington is the closest to Cambridge.

        Flour's version looks awesome but I'm reluctant to try one that includes coffee syrup in the menu description - doesn't seem right to me.

        The one served at Kingfish Hall is also excellent (really rich, like most of their food), but I don't know about getting a whole one to go from them.

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          I really like Rosie's BCP, and I don't like any of Rosie's other cakes. You can probably walk in and buy one, but you should call ahead to make sure.