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Jun 19, 2009 01:22 PM

ISO: Fresh mangoes from India

Does anyone know where I can buy Alfonso mangoes imported from India?

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  1. I have seen mangos at Monterey Market from India. Sorry don't know the type but the price was about $3.29 a piece, They were small yellow, I think.

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      Unfortunately Alphonso mango season(Apr-June) is just ending in India.It ends in June when the monsoons start which is right about now.By the end of June they are impossible to find.I was in Mumbai last week and OD'd on them knowing they wouldn't be there when I return.I have one that I brought back that needs to be eaten but I am trying to delay the pleasure.They sell for 600 rupees/$12.50 for a box of 2 dz. in India at the beginning of season and then go down in price.They sell for $40 a box when arriving imported to US hence the high price at MM.They are one of the sweetest,most perfumy,stringless and delightful mangoes.You should still be able to get them at Indian markets in the South Bay as they are shipped green.I seem to remember a past thread about a particular store in San Jose if you research.Good luck

    2. Berkeley Bowl has a prominent sign in the mango section that reads "Sorry, We do not carry IRRADIATED mangoes from India"

      I presume that in order to prevent the spread of diesease or insect pests, the imported fruit is treated with radiation (which would not leave any traces of radioactivity in the mangoes, of course). But I think it offends the sensibilities of Berkeley Bowl, as they have a complementary sign over the rambutans ("From Guatemala, NOT irradiated"). I suppose the Asian fruit must also be sterilized.

      Good to know that the US Government as well as Berkeley Bowl are looking after our health.

      1. I just heard from a friend of a friend they had them at Milan International, the Indian market on University (in Berkeley). Haven't made it up there yet to see for myself if they still have them.

        Milan International
        990 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710

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        1. re: abstractpoet

          I was in Milan a month ago and he had very small cases of Alphonsos for $34 -- you could not buy individual ones and I did not have anyone to split it with. I had bought a real "A" from Monterey Mkt for $3.29 -- delicious. I suggest to give the owner of Milan a call first.

        2. India Cash-and-Carry in Fremont had them last year for $40 a box. Bought one for the 'rents and got scolded for spending so much, but casalbore's description is pretty right on and they were loved.

          India Cash & Carry
          39175 Farwell Dr, Fremont, CA