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Jun 19, 2009 01:14 PM

How's my plan re: restaurants in Vancouver and Victoria

A group of us will visit these fair cities next week from SF. Staying near Canada Place. We have about 2 days pre-cruise and 1.5 day post-cruise. Staying near Canada Place. While I'd love to hit the "must eat" places, our older family members are not as crazy as us and traveling longer time for good eats are probably out of the question. We'll have a car but since we want to hit certain sights, it'll be much better if the good restaurants are somewhat on the way. I've planned this trip as if certain family members will never be back here again so would like to see the most and eat the best - under certain budget. Some of us aren't too dressy so nothing too upscale too. Mostly we like seafood, Chinese and Japanese, unless there's some really good food of other types.

Please see if I'm heading the right direction? Big thanks! :)

Day 1 - in YVR/Richmond briefly: brunch @ Shanghai River for XLB, ferry to Victoria, if we have time may be sneak some snacks from Red Fish Blue Fish, Beacon Hill park, dinner rez @ Brasserie L'ecole

Day 2 - Breakfast @ Mo:le, drive to Butchart Gardens, lunch @ tea place within, ferry to Vancouver, dinner @ Kingyo

Day 3 - we could eat on the ship if checked in early, OR, brunch @ Kirin

Day 4 - visit Granville island, lunch @ Sun Sui Wah on Main St.<--- is this supposed to be THE best dim sum...better than Koi Palace in SF area? Stanley Park, Capilano Suspension Bridge, grab some Thomas Haas chocolates, dinner rez @ Tojo's, maybe Harbor Centre Lookout.

Day 5 - flight at 5p - get to YVR by 3p? Lunch - grab some Japadog? Mui's Garden? More dim sum?

Anyway I can squeeze in some spot prawns somewhere? What else should I buy or eat? ;)

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  1. It looks like you have done your research and your recs are soild.

    The "best" dim sum restaurant is open for debate, but SSW is certainly in the upper echelon. There are other options - some of them are a bit of a distance from the downtown core. The best places are in Richmond. If you are interested in more recs - we can post some for you.

    Mui Garden - are you seeking Sngapore/Malaysian? If so, I think there are better choices (Banana Leaf, etc.).

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    1. re: fmed

      Thanks fmed. Since we'll be driving from downtown to the airport, would love to hear about great restaurants in these areas.

      Re: Mui - I was thinking of something cafe style, any good Hong Kong style cafes? Or, are there many places that serve spot prawns at lunch?

      1. re: sjeats

        Ah then Mui Garden is a perfectly good HK Cafe (it has a SIngapore bent - that's why I asked).

        If driving down Granville St to the airport (you probably will) then check out Red Star for dim sum.

        Red Star Seafood Restaurant
        8298 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6P4Z4, CA

    2. Sun Sui Wah is good but not better than the best the Bay Area has to offer. Koi Palace, Joy Luck, Asian Pearl and the Kitchen are on par with the best that Vancouver has to offer.

      But I will wait for your report on Japadog. I have missed this spot my last two trips up to the Northwest. Maybe I can get fmed to take me next trip.

      1. Your Victoria list looks top-notch to me. Enjoy!

        1. Thanks everyone! I hope to eat as planned. ;) Still searching for places with BC spot prawns...

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          1. re: sjeats

            If you have somewhere to cook them, you can buy the spot prawns raw on Granville island (lots of retailers - I like 'finest at sea' .) I've heard some eat them raw straight from the boats, so you might not even need cooking facilities! If you're looking for a restaurant that serves them, Vij's is a sure bet, and until the end of June, "C" has a spot prawn tasting menu - see For something a bit less expensive, I would bet that "fish" on Yew st. between York and First has some, but I can't find a menu online. Have fun!

            1. re: food_alice

              Also try the Chinese seafood restuarants...they should have spots.

          2. Brasserie L'ecole is amazing, excellent choice! Enjoy