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Jun 19, 2009 01:03 PM

Sunday Birthday/Fathers Day Lunch

Hi all -

I'm trying to find a spot for sunday lunch for my dad's birthday (and fathers day!). It would ideally be a sit down spot, less than ~$50pp, and in a ~30 minute driving radius from Pasadena. Flexible on cuisines, and something a little bit more unique rather than your middle of the road italian/californian/french would be nice.

Any suggestions?

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  1. How about Shiro or Maison Akira (I am not a fan but)?

    1. I saw something in the L.A. Times yesterday that had some nice suggestions, including Lobster Tacos at La Grand Orange Cafe in Pasadena or a chicken and waffles brunch at Gus's BBQ in South Pas.

      What about Dim Sum in the SGV? That's where my kids usually want to take me.

      1. Although you can find better food elswhere (and it's a buffet), the gospel brunch at the House of Blues would certainly be unique. They have a 10a and a 1p seating. I think it's $40-something plus the option to get unlimited bloody mary/mimosa for an additional $15.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            I ended up going to Malbec - thanks for the reco! Fit my criteria perfect - something a little bit less middle of the road, and a laid back sit down place.

            The food was good though not great; the rib eye and carpaccio were good (I get the sense meats are the way to go here), while the shrimp pasta and empanadas were so so. Service was also surprisingly slow given they had 4-5 waiters and 4-5 cooks in the kitchen for a relatively small restaurant.

              1. re: gemster

                "I get the sense meats are the way to go here..."

                Meats are ALWAYS the way to go when it comes to Argentine cuisine.
                Lots of it and keep it coming :).

            1. Can't remember if it's 30 mins or so from Pasadena, but I LOVE Taps in Brea. Champagne Sunday Brunch (buffet) is one of the best in the L.A. area. Fresh seafood...I love their fresh shucked oysters and cheviche (tomato-based). Great selection of cheeses, and omlettes/crepes that are made-to-order in the kitchen and brought to your table. Great carving stations and a nice selection of Creole favorites. The dessert bar is a lot of fun with fresh made Bananas Foster and a decadent chocolate fountain. Service is fantastic, knowledgable, and friendly. They will top off your glass of mimosa or champagne even if you've only taken two or three sips. They also brew their own beers and will exchange your champagne for anything they have available on tap. Entertainment courtesy of a local jazz band will play a lot of great New Orleans classics. Just a great time! I go three or four times a year. Reservations are suggested, and the brunch will set you back about $33-35 per person.

              Taps Fish House & Brewery
              101 E. Imperial Hwy., Brea, CA 92821