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Jun 19, 2009 12:50 PM

Dessert amuse at Ray's the Classics

What are they serving nowadays at the end of the meal, still their yummy hot cholocate, or something else? I remember peanut fudge before the hot chocolate, anything different?

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  1. It was peanut butter fudge on Tuesday, no hot chocolate.

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    1. re: DanielK

      Their hot chocolate was excellent., but I suppose it's better suited as a winter desert.

    2. I was there last week and I thought the server called it "Tiger Bars" which were postage stamp-sized, peanut based sweets with a chocolate drizzle. It wasn't sweet enough for me to think it was fudge.

      I had the coconut cream pie for dessert and thought is was a nice ending. I liked the strawberries and whipped cream garnish, but admit the crust was a bit to dense and thick. We also had the cheesecake as well and I thought that was not at the same standard at all, but my daughter ate it without complaint.

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      1. re: yvetteski

        I've been twice since my posting, and I though it was peanut butter fudge, but regardless, it was still tasty, though not as good as the hot chocolate. Their key lime pie is a great way to end also.

        1. re: coolblursn

          Go to desserts at Rays (and I believe I've tried them all): (1) Key Lime Pie, (2) Dark or Milk Chocolate Mousse, and (3) (or number one if you are my husband), Root Beer Float.