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Bloomington IN questions, incl Tallent

We have a mid-week anniversary coming up and have decided to take a mini-trip to Bloomington to celebrate. We have reservations for Tallent and intend to do the tasting menu, but I was wondering about corkage? I'd really like to bring an anniversary year (1990) CNdP with us to accompany dinner. We've never been to Tallent, nor to Bloomington for that matter. We'll stay overnight at a hotel fairly close to the restaurant, and would also like recommendations for breakfast and lunch; bonus points for recos in fun and funky areas. Thanks in advance!


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  1. Niki -

    Corkage isn't available in the state... it's a class C misdemeanor "for a person to bring the bottle into a licensed premise, for the person's own use, to convey or consume at the licensed premises.". It makes me personally a little put out.

    Tallent does have a nice wine list though and it's pretty reasonable.

    Uptown (Bloomington) has a good breakfast and FARM does a nice lunch - but skip breakfast there.

    There are several Bloomington Hounds who can steer you extremely well - they'll be chiming in soon I'm sure

    Congratulations on your anniversary and let us know how your mini-trip goes!

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      Thanks, Cookie, appreciate the info about corkage. Guess we'll save that bottle for the 20th anniversary :-).

      1. re: Niki in Dayton

        Woot! You go girl!

        Again congratulations - 19 years is amazing these days!

    2. For Brunch we really dig Uptown, though nothing's been new there...ever. For lunch we've been eating at Finch's a lot- local foods, well prepared and a great atmosphere. Killer beer list too.

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        Thanks! DH is all about a good beer list :-)

      2. Everyone's right, corkage isn't allowed in Indiana...unfortunately. Tallent has a good enough wine list and you'll enjoy the tasting menu. I totally agree with the Uptown rec. and they don't change much there but there's no real reason to as its been good for sooo long. Village Deli does a good breakfast, too. Finches is a good rec and I personally would skip Farm completely.

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            Farm does an amazing bacon and egg pizza which is to die for.

          2. Congratulations-that's the year we were married, too-yikes, 19 years!
            I wonder if you called the restaurant ahead of time if they could provide a suitable vintage?
            You are in for a treat-we'll be there near the end of July...we always try to spare at least a day for Bloomington, and especially Tallent.

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              Thanks, David; we'll just drink what they've got . I suspect that it might cost more to get 1990 wine than I'd care to pay given the current economy ;-)

            2. Tallent is an amazing restaurant. I went there a lot while I was living in BTown.

              For other great food places I would recommend a stop at Village Deli for breakfast, or if you want a bagel, Bloomington Bagel Company. If you enjoy the slow food movement (like Tallent) then Truffles and Limestone grill are great choices, however you have to have a car they are on the other side of campus. Lenny's on Fee lane has great Italian food.

              The ethnic food area is on 4th street. They have everything you can imagine.

              Laughing Planet has great wraps, and it is all organic. It is on the corner of Kirkwood and Grant street.

              Enjoy Btown and Happy anniversary

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                Truffles is good, though the menu hasn't changed since about 2000 (Come on, ancho chile espresso rubbed lamb? fried artichokes?). Additionally they don't focus on local ingredients, really Finch's and Tallent are the only restaurants in the area to primarily focus on such ingredients. (Sorry Farm, you come close, but not that close).

                Limestone Grill doesn't particularly focus on local ingredients, but it's ok. I've only been there once this year and it was just ok. It was a few months ago and I'm having a hard time recalling my meal other than really slow service.

                Also, for breakfast I wouldn't forget the Runcible Spoon. Sure the service really sucks, but the benedict is made fresh (including the hollindaise). If you're an early riser, like me, then the service won't be an issue.

                As an aside, I was in Chicago a few weeks ago at the Wine Cellar in Palatine and he had a couple of bottles of 1990 Jacquesson. The price was high, but 90 was a killer year for Champagne (not as good as 96 or 99, but still really solid)

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                  Runcible Spoon now makes their "Eggs Benedict" with fried, not poached, eggs. This is simply not right.

                  Limestone is currently using much more local produce and meats than in days past. (Try the braised goat, with goat from the Owen Co. FFA -- fantastic!)

                  Runcible Spoon Cafe & Restaurant
                  412 E 6th St, Bloomington, IN 47408

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                      Better than anywhere else in Bloomington? Actually the best Italian food in Bloomington is probably at Olive Garden based on the quality of Italian food here.

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                        "Better than anywhere else in Bloomington" is setting the bar awfully low. If I want to eat Italian in Bloomington, I cook it myself.

                  1. Yeah, corkage is not legal in Indiana. Simply stupid but oh, well.

                    As said here and in other threads Tallent is the place to go. Uptown's breakfast is great and the Village Deli rec for breakfast is also solid. Uptown and Limestone are solid choices for lunch.