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Jun 19, 2009 11:44 AM

Coffee: the best in the west?

I love a good strong cup of coffee. Fair trade and organic, when possible. I like to avoid Starbucks. In Roncesvalles, my favourite cup of coffee is at Mitzi's on Sorauren at Pearson, with the runner-up being Cherry Bomb. What am I missing out on in Roncesvalles, High Park or Bloor West? Or even east, towards Ossington? What is the very best cup of coffee in the west end? It MUST be strong!

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  1. Lit Espresso in Roncey is nice, and there is a new Mitzi's location opening up at college and delaware.

    1. I'm feeling White Squirrel on Queen across from Bellwoods Park.

      1. Are you looking for brewed coffee or espresso?

        I've had consistantly good espresso from at least 4 different servers at Lit.

        The Beaver Cafe at Queen & Gladstone does a great americano - very strong and rich - proper size, crema floating on top and not diluted by a lot of water.

        Brewed coffee - Easy does a nice basic filter cup o' joe.

        In the College/Kensington market area, you have a couple of places using Clover machines - Manic Coffee and Pennylicks.

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          that coffee sounds wonderful. i usually just drink brewed coffee, but i bet lit and the beaver have good regular coffee if their espresso is so good.

        2. I second the White Squirrel rec. But if you're looking for brewed coffee, try Kalendar on College - they brew it with a stick of cinnamon, a really addictive combo.

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            i don't love the Kalendar coffee — i don't find it strong enough, and the cinnamon interferes too much with the coffee-ness for my tastes. I've never been one for the flavoured coffee! I know lots of people love the coffee there.