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Jun 19, 2009 11:24 AM

on the car rental topic

We are staying in the FQ, but we keep kosher, so we will have food delivered from the kosher resaurants(Metairie) to our hotel. We were debating whether on Sunday we should rent a car. We wanted to do a plantation and swamp tour. get food in metairie and maybe drive through some of the ninth ward. Is this doable? Recommendations on this driving route? Should we just get picked up by a tour company and order more food? I thought it would be nice to try eating at one of the kosher restaurants. Happy to support them either way.

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  1. Is there any way you can support folks in the 9th Ward? I realize gumbo's out, but perhaps a picnic put together at a fruit stand with a little bread or something?
    You might get tired of the same menu for the whole stay anyway.

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      Of course! We will be eating in that sense the whole time. But anything prepared....

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        I don't know if I really understand the logistics of what you're trying to do and I definitely don't know about eating kosher in NOLA but as far as renting a car I do have a bit of experience. After checking out a few of the bigger chains I ended up using local car rental joint Nifty because their prices were reasonable and they have a free service where they pick you up at your hotel and take you to their Poydras location to give you the car and handle the paperwork. Then when you return the car they will drive you back to your hotel. For just a tip to the driver it saves a lot of hassle.

    2. I've never done a swamp tour, but I think they most commonly run out of Bayou Segnette on the West Bank. Most of the plantation homes are upriver. It would be hard to do both those AND tool through the Ninth Ward.

      Renting a car is probably not mandatory for a swamp tour, as I think the companies will shuttle you from downtown.

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        We did an eco-something swamp tour a couple of years ago and they picked us up. and dropped us off. It was really cool. If I find the exact name of the company I'll post it.