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Jun 19, 2009 11:22 AM

Maumelle / West Little Rock?

Will be on a business trip next week; vendor in Maumelle, hotel in West Little Rock. Anything good? Thanks!

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  1. West Little Rock: Most all major chains are out this way, but in addition these are a few i like.
    Barbeque - Whole Hog Cafe (i typically get pulled pork, but may have been converted to chicken last time, love the potato salad) winner at Memphis in May - 2 locations in LR -
    Euro - Ya Ya's - good appetizers and pizza/pasta type dishes (bistro specials are ok, but nothing spectacular), healthy pours on the wine by glass, it is a mini chain in about 6 cities -
    Sushi - Koto bistro and Osaka
    If you dont feel like going out, you could also order from Foodiez ( it is a pick up place, but it has a very good local chef currently doing the cooking
    You also might drive to Hillcrest in Midtown (about 5-10 minutes from WLR) i would recommend Ferneau (, SO Restaurant, Dam Goode Pie (also has a location in WLR), US Pizza
    Maumelle - not much info there - they have a US Pizza, couple good cheap mexican places (Senior Tequila), dinner your choices are better in West Little Rock.
    Hope you enjoy your trip.

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      Ashley's at the Capital place in town

      1. re: cassidee

        Totally agree (left it off the list, it is downtown, about 15 minutes from WLR but definitely worth the drive if you want to eat the best place in LR). My wife and i went again last week and continue to love it, and for the quality of food for the cost is reasonable ($49 - 3 course meal, $20 for wine pairing). The menu changes but i had the smoked trout (normally on the menu), foie gras, and the lamb dish were all fantastic.

        Asimen, if you decide to go, normally a jacket is suggested (no tie required although some people will wear them).

    2. As it turns out, my colleagues did some asking around with the locals, and we ended up with Monday dinner at Cajun's Wharf, and Tuesday at the Butcher Shop. Both were pretty solid choices.

      I had a mixed grill at Cajun's Wharf, which included shrimp, scallops, halibut and salmon. All were pretty good. The only thing I didn't like was that the clam chowder was *highly* salty.

      Had a 12 ounce ribeye at the Butcher Shop. I like that they season their meat, but that it's not overseasoned. Wasn't the most tender steak i've ever cut into, but still pretty good. There were 10 people at our table, and all were quite happy.

      I'd go back to either. Thanks for your input, as well. I expect to be back in the area in a few months, so it's always good to have more places to try!

      1. In West Little Rock, I would also recommend the Buffalo Grill (burgers), Faded Rose (Creole), and La Hacienda (Mexican).

        Saigon Kitchen (Vietnamese/Thai/Chinese) is a bit further east on Cantrell, but not far at all. Certainly not as far as Cajun's.

        Sushi Cafe is in the Heights, also not far.