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Jun 19, 2009 11:04 AM

Another road trip question-LA to SF along 101.

Sometime in July we'll be driving from LA to SF along the 101, stopping 3-4 days in between (Santa Barbara, SLO, points in between). Can anyone suggest some unique and not available in either LA or SF type restaurants along the way?

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  1. Enter "Santa Barbara" into the Search this board box above, it'll give you pleny to look at.

    For points further north this sould get you started:

    1. Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur)
      Nepenthe (Big Sur)
      Linn's (Cambria - for the Olallieberry Pie)
      Stella Mare's (Santa Barbara)
      Brophy Brothers (Santa Barbara)
      Paradise Cafe (Santa Barbara)
      Stonehouse at the San Ysidro Ranch (Santa Barbara)
      La Super Rica (Santa Barbara)
      Elements (Santa Barbara)
      Carlitos (Santa Barbara)

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        We used to stop at Harris Ranch in Coalinga (Wait, I think that's actually closer to Hwy 5). They have GREAT steaks, you can smell the ranch as you approach (Sorry, hope that's not a turn-off), but once you get there, strangely the smell disappears -- !!