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Jun 19, 2009 10:56 AM

Ding Ho in Hamilton - Egg Rolls

Anyone remember this place? They had the best egg rolls but I've never been able to find anything like them since. South Pacific in Hamilton has the same pastry, but different filling.

Can anyone help?

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  1. I'm going to take this another direction---perhaps trying some new rolls might surprise you!
    B&T (Ben Thanh Vietnamese cuisine)--supremely good Vietnamese spring rolls. Different than egg rolls, these are a particular roll (Vietnamese call them Cha Gio) boasting a plump shrimp and pork filling with a crispier exterior than the typically thicker egg roll dough. $3.50 for two, I think. These are wrapped in a rice paper and fried, and are much more savory than egg rolls owing to the filling and the texture of the pastry.

    Harvest Moon Chinese cuisine-try the spring rolls here, also, or the shrimp rolls (the latter are tiny rolls, almost finger-thin, and wrapped in a thinner pastry than egg rolls, also....). These are part of the "all day dim sum" menu (dishes start from $1.99- by the way, best Chinese food in the city in my opinion!) Spring rolls can be dodgy, with stringy flavourless filling, or a gelatinous texture owing to too much cornstarch--rolls at Harvest Moon, however, meet the flavourful filling requirements, and are always served freshly deep fried (an oxymoron, maybe....) ensuring a flaky, crisp exterior that crumbles (inadvertently into my lap, most times....)

    Thai Memory-a relatively new eatery that has won accolades for its authentic Thai cuisine boasts 4-5 different kinds of "spring rolls." These include the taro crispy spring roll, (menu description is "taro with cabbages, carrots & glass noodles wrapped in spring roll pastry"), Thai memory crispy shrimp spring roll (menu description is "marinated tiger shrimp with veggies& glass noodles wrapped in spring roll pastry & seaweed served with dipping sauce") and spicy chicken spring roll (menu description is "marinated spicy chicken with veggies& glass noodles wrapped in spring roll pastry served with dipping sauce"). These are a bit pricier, ranging from 4.25-6.50 for 4 pieces. Thai Memory actually features a "roll lovers platter" (again, to quote their menu: "a Combination of 2 Taro Crispy Spring Rolls, 2 Thai Memory Crispy Shrimp Spring Rolls,2 Spicy Chicken Rolls,1 Fresh Spring Roll,1 Cold Fresh Spring roll") for $13.95 if you're serious about roll sampling!

    I've tried to cover only those rolls which I think bear a ressemblance enough to the "egg roll" of which you speak, although other rolls (such as Vietnamese fresh rolls) definitely are worth a try, they have been ommitted to give a list closest to what you might be thinking of when you have a hankerin' for crisp, deep fried, asian-inspired treats in roll-form :)

    B & T Restaurant
    115 Park St N, Hamilton, ON L8R, CA

    Harvest Moon Chinese Cuisine
    80 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8R2K5, CA

    Thai Memory
    25 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R1A1, CA

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    1. I worked at Ding Ho until they closed. As far as the egg rolls go, all the restaurants I know used the same egg roll wraps. But I must admit, the egg rolls were good. You may want to try the egg rolls at Fu Ho in Burlington, because there is a tie in there;)

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      1. re: jimlewis

        do you know if they made their own plum sauce for the rolls?

      2. I agree and haven't been able to find a recipe for their amazing plum sauce

        1. OMG - the Ding Ho! They had the best hibachi platter and Shirley Temples. Wally was the nicest!!!

          And yes - those egg rolls were delish. Wondering if you could get something similar at Sea Hi? Is the Pagoda still around?

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          1. re: MeMeMe

            I never went to the Pagoda, where is the Sea Hi? I just know that Ding ho had the BEST egg roll plum sauce. I believe they must have made it themselves because it was unique. Sure would love to find out.