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Jun 19, 2009 10:35 AM

Raw Onions!

Got myself some fresh Walla Walla sweet onions.

I love eating these onions raw with dijon mustard.

Sounds gross, I know, but damn it tastes so viciously good.

Do you eat raw onions? If so, how? Do tell.

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  1. Does in salads count? I make a bean salad with lots of onion, some garlic, parsley, balsamic, and olive oil (don't eat this before going on a date, but it's really yummy!)
    I usually put vidalia onion in guac

    1. Impressive. Knowing how hard it can be to get the smell out of my hands after working with onions, I'd hate to be your tongue cleaner!!! Are the WW's sweeter than a vidalia? I love partially cooked onions, and raw's complementing other things, but never tried them straight up with a bit of Dijon. Mama Bear has girl's night tonight...maybe I'll get a 6 pack of Tall Blonde's and give it a shot!

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        I find WW generally to be milder (i.e., sweeter) than Vidalias. That said, both are very "sweet" tasting, but the WW tend to be juicier.

      2. Salads, all kinds. Even an onion salad with fresh cucumbers and mushrooms which I love. Also as a garnish on many soups. But not just a slice. I really love them but not that much.

        1. At home or in restaurant, when I eat a rib eye steak I need a 3/8 inch slice of red onion. Tonight, too!

          1. My Vidalias (the eastern analog of the Walla walla) always ask me to cut out the center slab of the onion, 3/4 inch thick, and insert it between two slices of soft bread, with mayo and pepper on one side, and mustard on the other.

            They will also accommodate the occasional insertion of liverwurst on the mustard side.