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Raw Onions!

Got myself some fresh Walla Walla sweet onions.

I love eating these onions raw with dijon mustard.

Sounds gross, I know, but damn it tastes so viciously good.

Do you eat raw onions? If so, how? Do tell.

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  1. Does in salads count? I make a bean salad with lots of onion, some garlic, parsley, balsamic, and olive oil (don't eat this before going on a date, but it's really yummy!)
    I usually put vidalia onion in guac

    1. Impressive. Knowing how hard it can be to get the smell out of my hands after working with onions, I'd hate to be your tongue cleaner!!! Are the WW's sweeter than a vidalia? I love partially cooked onions, and raw's complementing other things, but never tried them straight up with a bit of Dijon. Mama Bear has girl's night tonight...maybe I'll get a 6 pack of Tall Blonde's and give it a shot!

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        I find WW generally to be milder (i.e., sweeter) than Vidalias. That said, both are very "sweet" tasting, but the WW tend to be juicier.

      2. Salads, all kinds. Even an onion salad with fresh cucumbers and mushrooms which I love. Also as a garnish on many soups. But not just a slice. I really love them but not that much.

        1. At home or in restaurant, when I eat a rib eye steak I need a 3/8 inch slice of red onion. Tonight, too!

          1. My Vidalias (the eastern analog of the Walla walla) always ask me to cut out the center slab of the onion, 3/4 inch thick, and insert it between two slices of soft bread, with mayo and pepper on one side, and mustard on the other.

            They will also accommodate the occasional insertion of liverwurst on the mustard side.

            1. When we were kids, people of my mother's generation would always talk about eating raw onions and bread as a true old country peasant food, and we definitely only got onions (well) cooked! So I was amused when I moved to LA and discovered it on the table of every Persian restaurant in the neighborhood. I really came to like the bite of big chunks of onions with a little bit of fresh hot bread, and maybe a glass of salty doogh alongside.

              1. I eat copious amounts of raw onion...Especially Vidalias..Out of hand with vegetables....a thick slice is a must on a grilled burger with home grown 'mators!!!! Delicious with fried catfish!! ...Just about everything!!

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                  I make a fresh onion salsa which I love for burgers, dogs and fish too. It is great.

                2. I peel red onions, sprinkle on a little salt, and eat like an apple.
                  I like just about any kind of onion in a sandwich on toasted bread, sliced and accompanied by thin sliced tomatoes, a little mustard and mayonnaise and a lettuce leaf.
                  I also like them (just about any variety) sliced thick and dipped in mustard, ranch dressing, tartar sauce and a tomato sauce/liquid smoke dip.
                  I'll eat raw onions, no matter how they're prepared, before I'll eat a cooked onion (although the fried onion rings are hard not to like) any day.

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                    as i'm reading this thread i'm eating a sandwich comprised of thick slices of red onions, sliced avocado with salt, and hellman's and brown mustard on two slices of potato bread. the sandwich is mostly onion and yes my breath will be so so onion-ey afterwards but i love it. raw onions are amazing!

                    i also like to mix canned tuna, raw onions and fresh horseradish together for a quasi salad. mostly comprised of super thin sliced . i always have to have a bag of onions around...

                  2. Vidalias used to be sweeter than they seem to have been for the past several years.

                    I like raw sweet onions of various sorts on salads and sandwiches.

                    1. Nothing like a raw sweet onion (Texas 1015, ideally) alongside some sliced brisket. Bite of meat, bite of onion, bite of bread. Repeat until comatose.

                      1. Back in the day, when we were newlyweds, we would go up onto the roof of our apartment building (aka Tar Beach) in Brooklyn Heights with our black pumpernickel slices, and Liederkranz cheese, and red onion slices we'd soaked in ice water to tame them a little bit, and a bottle of beer, and figure this was Paradise.
                        You know what? It was.
                        Today, Liederkranz cheese is long extinct! And I would find Tar Beach a lot less appealing than I did then.
                        But I still like red onions. And pumpernickel, and beer, and my husband.

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                          Definitely soak the red onion slices in ice water in this house -- really tames them.

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                            My Japanese friends all swear that soaking in milk is more effective than water. (I think potato salad is pretty much the only place where raw onions feature in Japanese cuisine, but maybe I'm forgetting something...)

                            Are milk and water equivalent in this respect? Or is there something special about milk that makes it particularly effective in taming onions?

                        2. Minced and sprinkled on chili

                          Chopped and added in my favorite bean salad made with chichi beans, navy beans & cannelini beans (add a few glugs of olive oil, a splash of red wine vinegar, oregano & black pepper-let set at room temp for a while.... yeah baby, come to Momma.

                          I have a feta quirk where I like it crumbled in w/raw red onions, quartered tomatoes and chunks of cucumber- but I don't like it without the onions...

                          Onions are allowed in my chimichurri sauce also, they make me smile but they are whirled in the handy chopper first.