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Jun 19, 2009 10:27 AM

Nuts in Queens or Brooklyn

Where am I going to find a great nut store in Queens or Brooklyn?
Are there any places around here, or in Manh that roast their own nuts?

I know a place in Binghamton that is exactly what I want, but that's.... in Binghamton.
Help me out , Fathers day is on Sunday!

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  1. I'm not sure if the Nut Box on Smith/Wyckoff in Boerum Hill roasts their own (doesn't look like, from their website), but it certainly specializes in nuts!

    1. 5th Ave in the 70's there is a place called Hookah Nuts. They sell nuts and hookah pipes and other Middle Eastern delicacies. I've bought great pistachios from there.

      1. Sahadi's and Oriental Grocery on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn Heights has a large selection. Don't know if they roast their own (Don't think so.)

        1. Brooklyn is THE place for nuts. Sahadi's on Atlantic Avenue ... and, Vintage on Brighton Beach Avenue are both very good. Sahadi's roasts their own, and the unsalted roasted almonds seem to be their biggest seller.

          Sahadi's -->

          Vintage -->

          1. Bazzini, I believe is closing their Tribeca location, but they still have their nut roasting operation in the Bronx--you might want to check them out...

            Carmel on 108th St and 64th Ave in Rego Park, Queens, has good selection of nuts. They do not roast their own nuts, however, they do roast their own coffee. Great little spot for lots of things, Israeli.

            Some good pistachios--more unusual selection at Ararat on the service road of LIE just before Springfield blvd (queens)---also great selection of string cheese--they are Lebanese, and also have wondeful little spinach triangles and freshly made pita breads...

            Trader Joe's has a good nut selection and at good prices.