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Jun 19, 2009 10:19 AM

Suggestions for dinner with Mom

Hello Hounders! I moved to the city about 3 months ago and have hit up some pretty good spots so far (Gramercy Tavern, Spice Market). Now my Mom is coming in from Missouri and I need some suggestions where to take her - I want to do several different cusines. She loves seafood, so that definitley on the list. I was thinking about doing a fancy tasting menu, like at Daniel, since they are on "recession special" right now for $99 a person (still true?), that maybe too. So that leaves me with two questions:
1) Where should I take her for seafood;
2) What are the best tasting menus around (no more than $100 a person).

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  1. Daniel's "recession special" ended in March. I think Jean Georges may still be offering an "early bird" special prix fixe for $58.

    Is that $100pp budget for food only? Or is it your out-the-door cost, i.e., food, beverages, tax & tip?

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      since she is going to be in town a week, I don't want to do more than 200 / 250 for one meal, otherwise i'll be eating PB&J for a month.

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        When it comes to tasting menus as dinner, there are not many options in fine dining establishments for less than $100 even just for food. One that does come to mind is at Tabla ($89), which serves exceptional Indian-influenced New American cuisine.

        At lunch, Eleven Madison Park offers a Gourmand tasting menu for $68. A couple of the courses are the same as those on the dinner seasonal tasting, which costs much more ($125). Thus, the lunch Gourmand is a veritable bargain for such sensational French-inspired cuisine!

        For seafood, the best of the best is without a doubt Le Bernardin. The tasting menus (there are two) served at lunch and dinner are well beyond your budget. And even the 3-course prix fixe at dinner @$109 would stretch your budget. However, at lunch, the 3-course prix fixe is $68. If, as you say, your mother loves, seafood, you really should consider taking her to Le Bernardin for lunch.

        Depending on how willing you are to stretch your budget, Veritas is offering a seasonal 5-course tasting menu for $110. Spectacular French cuisine.

      1. jssc97, there are a few good tasting menu recommendations, here, under $100:

        there've been lots and lots of threads devoted to the subject, if you do a search. (i know the search function isn't the greatest on this site... sometimes you can get better results by googling "chowhound" + your key words.) also lots of discussion about lunchtime prix fixe bargains, if that's an option for you: i.e.

        1. For really wonderful and creative seafood, try Harbour. Check out this thread:

          1. ultimate first time mom spot is Five Points... Great Jones between Bowery & Lafayette. She won't be disappointed