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Jun 19, 2009 10:17 AM

Bakersfield----where to find fresh fish?

Hi everyone.

Well I was planning on going back home to my family for the summer and wanted to make sushi for them (since I know they don't have sushi restaraunts in Bakersfield, and my parents don't go out much). So yeah, I used to lived in Bakersfield and know that they really don't have much out there, but I don't remember if they have any fresh fish, like at the asian markets or the hispanic markets, or even at food max/food 4 less. I really wanna make sushi for them =D

If anyone can be of help, much is appreciated.

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  1. Sure they have sushi restaurants in Bakersfield. Do a search and you'll find a number of them.

    But if you want to make sushi (sashimi?) you'll need sashimi grade fish, not just any fresh fish.

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      Hi and glad to see you're traveling to Bakersfield. There are plenty of sushi restaurants in the Bakersfield area, many at different price points and service styles. I suggest visiting and search for sushi to find the locations of the restaurants.

      We have a wide selection of grocery stores with an array of fresh fish selections, including Vons, Trader Joe's and Foods Co. Any of those establishments will have a selection of fish. I have bought fish at all of those places and have not had a problem.

      If you would like fresh produce, there are two weekly farmer's markets in Bakersfield. The Saturday one is located in the Golden State Mall in downtown Bakersfield and runs from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The other weekly Farmer's Market is located at the Public Health Department from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Every Wednesday afternoon throughout the summer, vendors will be selling a healthy and delicious array of natural juices, fresh fruits, and vegetables at 1800 Mt. Vernon Avenue. For more information, please contact Dr. Avtar Nijjer-Sidhu at (661) 868-0328.

    2. If you want fresh fish and possible sushi grade tuna, go to or call Sea Breeze, 2311 "R" Street, 661-323-7936

      Sea Breeze Fish - CLOSED
      2311 R Street, Bakersfield, CA

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        I don't think Sea Breeze is open any longer. They have a restaurant at 2500 New Stine Rd, not sure if they sell uncooked fish at that location.

        Sea Breeze of the Southwest
        2500 New Stine Rd, Bakersfield, CA

        1. re: badseed

          Although it's been over a year since I've been there. The restaurant never did sell fresh fish.

      2. Costco (either of their BFL stores) has the best salmon in town. They also had -- in the past couple years -- a special fresh fish booth set up near the meat department, but I haven't seen it so far this year.

        If you like cedar-planked salmon, cooked on the BBQ, do what we do ... buy replacement cedar fencing planks (untreated, and therefore very cheap) at Lowes or Home Depot, and cut them up with a saw (or have the bldg. store cut them for you). A $3.00 fence plank makes 10 to 15 individual cooking planks, depending on how large you want them. Awesome deal compared to the websites that sell 4 tiny planks for $20 and up, plus shipping.