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Jun 19, 2009 09:26 AM

5 Guys coming to Westport

According to The Advocate's Lunch Break Chronicles blog, 5 Guys Burgers & Fries is opening in Westport. Looks like the burger battles are heating up in FFLD County with all the good burger spots we have.

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  1. Interesting in that jfood had a 5-guys in MSP two weeks ago and it was prepared on a griddle while there is another thread describing them as steamed. We'll have to see.

    BTW - the fries are really good, the burger is way better than a fast food burger, but not as good as some of the localplaces already serving great burgers.

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    1. re: jfood

      They are prepared on a griddle. I have done franchise compliance inspections for the franchisor. I have the burger and fry cookingh training video, but am not allowed to post.

      They place raw fresh ground beef patties on the right side of the griddle, when they are flipped over to the middle section of the flat top the cook applies one flattening movement with their 'patty press' to even out the burger for even cooking. The cook placed a cut into the patty with the side of the spatula to check for doneness.

      If you order a regular burger (two patties) you will notice that only one of the patties will have this cut. The cook assumes if one patty is done, than the other put on the griddle at the same time will also be done.

      Company requires that all burgers be cooked well done and juicy.

      The fries have a three step process. Into first friolator for pre cooking with gentle shaking. Then the basket is hung up to rest. Into the second fryer for final cooking involving more heavy shaking of the basket. Served hot and tasty.

      I Had lunch yesterday at the Amity Road, New Haven location. It was much better than the Newtown location that I ate in last week.

      These are allfranchises and price and quality varies. Fairfile county locations are about 10-20cents higher for most items.

      Their hot dogs are very good, but don't order in Orange, CT. They freeze the dogs and they are very salty. Newtown, New Haven and Brookfiled don't freeze the dogs and they tast very good.

      Newtown has fresh lemon for ice tea, New Haven has no lemon available. Newtownalso has Mello Yellow soda on tap>>>>>a rarity in New England.

      1. re: bagelman01

        Thanks for the report.

        About the fries, I have had good success with ordering the fries "Well Done" and they come out much crispier when ordered (and notated that way on the receipt). (At least in the Kingston, NY branch.)

      2. re: jfood

        sorry for my typos, my eyes are full of allergens today...............

        1. re: bagelman01

          Good insight bagelman. I normally don't like my burgers cooked well done but am surprised by how juicy 5 guys take on a well done patty can be. I think they get further elevated by the range of toppings. Get the toppings strategy right (green chile cheeseburger in the style of a Flay burger at bar americain works for me) and you have an above average "road food burger" experience for a great price.

      3. Long lines. Interminable waits. Stale peanuts. Well done burgers. in greasy bags. I'm not sure I get it. But then I don't get In and Out either in CA.

        Impressed with their publicity machine, tho. (cf. NBC News and Obama, USA Today, etc.) The owner has never spent a penny on ads.

        Alas, not in same league with BSF, Napa , etc. in Ct. IMHO

        But sounds like fun Food Wars on CH

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        1. re: louuuuu

          Don't know where you find the long lines and interminable waits. I have never found this. There standards require that your cooked to order food be served within 10 minutes. This is NOT Fast Food, and nothing except fries are ever kept ready.
          In fact it is against the rules to have any burgers cooking or ready in advance of an order being placed.
          They are shopped regularly to make sure of this. If you don't order fries, the burger will not make your bag greasy......................

          I prefer my burgers rare, BUT 5 guys lets you know in advance that they only serve well done burgers.

          As to "the owner has never spent a penny on ads." I would like to know where you get you MISINFORMATION. There are many owners of the 5 Guys franchises, and some do advertise. There is no one owner.

          1. re: bagelman01

            You imply fabrication. Ok, here are the facts

            New York City... West 55th. I went there about half a year ago, really wanting to like, since friends from DC had really touted it. It took me a half hour to stand in line, order, and then wait. I guess you're right. Not fast food. But slow food. At least that day at that place in the universe.

            As for my MISINFORMATION (love your caps, bagelman01):: it came from a favorable interview Jerry Murrell, the founder, of 5G, gave to AOL business reporter Jason Cochran last week

            "Q.So you don't advertise?

            We get a lot of free press, like this. But we don't buy any.

            Q. I suppose you don't need to. You were on prime-time TV twice last week starring the President.

            And then we were in USA Today, and that was nice."


            "Founder" probably better word than "Owner" since a franchise. But that's where it comes from. Nor did I make up my wait or my reaction to a hamburger that did not live up to my expectations... or seem in the same class as others in CT or NYC. I don't think I'm alone in that opinion. But I'm certainly entitled to it.

            1. re: louuuuu

              I've had 5 guys three times...twice in georgetown DC and recently in Mystic CT. All 3 times good. No better nor worse than BSF. 5 guys better fries though. So flame away lettuce haters...ha ha...!!

              ps. I checked this place out 2 weeks ago up in hartford. Pretty good...worth another trip up there.

              1. re: louuuuu

                Uh, you're basing "interminable waits" on a 1/2 hour total in midtown Manhattan? Having worked on West 57th for many years, I can tell you it can take almost that long to get a donut from a food cart. I wouldn't judge the timeliness of a food chain based on Manhattan performance, or you'd have to include McDonalds in the Slow Food movement.

                That said, I just tried it for the first time in Happauge. Yes, the wait was about 10 minutes, but as noted, the burgers didn't hit the grill till I ordered. I also like a rare burger, but still thought this was way better than McD, BK or Wendys (haven't had BSF yet). The burger meat did not have that "compressed" feel that even a Wendys burger has (and it's made with never frozen meat too). Also, fries were very much like Beach fries. Except that, as I suspected and Bagleman confirmed, they get a double fry. This is very unusual for a semi-fast food joint, and would account for why mine stayed crisp for a good twenty minutes.

                1. re: sbp

                  Just so you know, 5 GUYS franchisees are FORBIDDEN to have any burgers cooking on the grill before an order is placed. They are 'shopped' 4-8 times a month (lunch, dinner and last hour before closing) for compliance to these standards.
                  A place such as Wendy's has burgers on the griddle to speed things up. This is why they serve chili, to use up the burgers that get old on the griddle and can't be sold.

                  1. re: bagelman01

                    Understood that from your previous post, just confirming it for Iouuuuuu. And it's appreciated, since the burger WAS fresh tasting and hot off the griddle. I actually worked in a Wendys in (drumroll, please...) 1978, and yes, even then, the chili was for dessicated burgers. The meat was fresh, but went through a forming machine that really compressed it. What made me crazy was being required to press out the burger repeatedly, because "it cooks faster that way." Of course, it doesn't, but it does squeeze the juice out of it, making it appear more well done.

            2. re: louuuuu

              jfood has only eaten in the Minnesaota location but as he stated above, better that Mcd or BK (by a loooooong shot) but nowhere close to the other places in fairfield county, which are in a whole 'nother league. And jfood would agree that the grease on the bag was more fries than burger.

              Would jfood go out of his way for one, nah. but given the choice between 5G and the other fast fooders, he would definitely go there, even liked the fries better than McD.

                1. re: Scotty100

                  his report is spot on from jfood's one time with the following difference. An order of fries is fine for one person and a regular with two patties is also fine.

            3. 538 Post Road East, about a 1/2 mile east of downtown