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Jun 19, 2009 09:23 AM

Where to buy butter tarts in Toronto?

Can anyone tell me where I can find good butter tarts in Toronto? The old fashioned kind with raisins? My dad loves them- and I'd love to bring some home for Fathers Day. I have zero time to make them otherwise I'd be asking for a good recipe.

I've bought some at the St. Lawrence Market in the past but they were horrid. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Flaky Tart on Mount Pleasant near Eglinton have the best in the city (imho). You may want to call ahead, they seem to be very popular.

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    1. re: cheesymama

      Thanks a million cheesymama. Just called flaky tart and reserved 12 for my dad tomorrow! It will make his fathers day. :-)

      1. re: cheesymama

        We had a couple from Flaky Tart last weekend and they were too sweet....and not nearly runny enough for my taste. I personally think the best butter tarts to be found in Toronto, are the Bakerberry Farm brand sold at Pusateri. Ooey gooey goodness, never failing to marvel.

        1. re: lmc1971

          Well, we've had FT butter tarts several times now, and they have ranged from very runny (such that it seemed like a balancing act trying to eat it without spilling) to more solid. It's impossible to tell what you're getting, though, until you actually bite into it.

          Will have to try the Bakerberry Farm ones, too, though I do love FT!

      2. tried out flaky tarts as per suggestion on the board, and was utterly delighted.


        Also, I recommend the old-timey bakery on Wolf Island, just outside of Kingston. mmmmm.

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          i've had AMAZING and consistant ones at Hot Oven Bakery in cloverdale mall ....
          but flaky tart is great too!

        2. Oh, you are a good kid! My thanks for starting this thread - I'll be in T-town this fall, and will use this thread to find the best butter tarts.

          Last trip, I went to Hot Oven Bakery, and loved them! I brought back two dozen for co-workers, which was greatly appreciated, though they leaked all over the box on the flight home - talk about runny! I'm looking forward to a taste-off with the B.T.s from Flaky Tart.

          Butter tarts - yum!