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Jun 19, 2009 09:13 AM

Random food notes from BHAM week of 6/19

After hearing (late) about Late Show hosts Craig Ferguson's gushing over the Philly cheese steak at Salem's Deli in Homewood I tried it this week. Not bad. But I would definitely go the extra distance as a Hoover resident to Centerpoint for T Bonez's Philly. Better bread/bun and meat-and-cheese mixture was the verdict at the end of the day from myself and lunch companions.

It's official: the chopped liver at Max's Deli in The Colonnade is the best I have ever had.

Looking forward to trying Italian restaurant Bettola by Pepper Place Saturday night. Any first-hand accounts from this eatery?

Ate at Saigon Noodle House on 280 again this week. Ordered a noodle bowl with squid, shrimp, tofu and chicken. Still very impressed with everything I have ordered here. Unfortunately the place was DEAD for lunch....nothing has really made it in this spot and my dinning companions and I fear the worse.....

Next week looking forward to a first stop in at Saw's BBQ on Oxmoor Road.

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  1. I dine at Bettola about every two weeks--great stuff. Known initially for its Neapolitan-style pizza, they also do a great job with pasta (personal faves are the gnocchi and the crabonarra, although both are heavy and rich dishes) and seafood (look for the sea bass or halibut). I have had fish there that is good as what you can get at Ocean.

    Been to Saw's once and liked it very much. Their pork is pulled (not sliced or chopped like most places) and the sauce is a sweet/slightly spicy combination.

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      Thanks for the reports and recommendations, PB.

    2. I love the antipasti options - they have some great meats and cheeses and love the bread too. I almost always order the arugala salad, although I make it at home a lot too. Last Friday I had the gnocchi with porcini mushrooms and I believe pancetta. The gnocchi could have been a little lighter but it was very good.

      1. Bettola is great. The pizza and sandwiches from the wood oven are so good. First rate ingredients like proscuitto and buffalo mozzarella. You will like it.

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          Wow, kind of a mixed bag at Betolla last night. Six out of seven of us ordered pizza and I think everyone was very underwhelmed. Everyone's was soggy in the middle. Two people didn't even eat more than one slice. That said I had the most fresh arugula salad. The littleneck clams with bread crumbs with olive oil was good if not too salty. The roasted calamari with roasted tomato and garlic sauce with crostinis was super. My wife opted for the spaghetti carbonara with house made pancetta and sausage and it was the winner. Also, dress light. Place was uncomfortably warm last night.

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            Sorry to hear about your less than stellar experience at Bettola. I have not had a pizza there in quite some time, as I have gotten hooked on the pasta and fish dishes as of late. So, if the quality of the pizza has gone down, I was not aware of it.

            1. re: pinotboy

              PB, I should have gone with the daily fish special. I'll try it again (when the weather is cooler...)

            2. re: SkippyLeBeef

              Yep, that's always been my experience there as well. It's just not good enough to waste my time there. Something things are good, but as a whole, I just would rather skip it.

              1. re: KateMW

                Skip Bettola?!? Holy goodness, Batman! I think they are currently serving some of the absolute best food in town. I have never had a bad pasta dish there (including gnocchi, carbonarra and lasagna, among others), and their halibut and sea bass are some of the most moist and well-prepared fish I have ever had.

                As I said above, I have not had pizza recently, but in the past it has always been good when I ordered it.