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Jun 19, 2009 08:34 AM

Pond House in Elizabeth Park (W. Hartford, CT)

My girlfriend and I headed to the Pond House late in the day on Tuesday after spending the afternoon meandering through the beautiful rose gardens. I've seen Pond House mentioned on our board, but had not ever eaten there. I felt it deserved its own post, so here we go!

I had probably the best BLT of my life ($10.84):
Applewood smoked bacon. brie cheese. sundried tomato aioli. romaine lettuce. toasted country bread. They served it with a lovely jicama slaw.

My friend had the roasted pear salad ($10.72):
Stuffed roasted pear. spinach. arugula. dried cranberries. gorganzola. almonds. raspberry vinaigrette

The presentation of the pear was exquisite--the cinnamon stick you see was smoking and smelled like incense. Simply beautiful. And very tasty, too.

We sat outside on the patio overlooking the pond. It's a gorgeous setting. My only complaint was toward the end of our meal, someone came out and VACUUMED the patio. They were also quick to clear plates while I was still eating, which tends to make me feel rushed. But the food was wonderful. It seemed on the noisy side indoors, so I was glad to have our quiet table outside (with the small exception of the vacuum).

Also note, the Pond House is BYOB.

As the restaurant is within the park grounds, here is a link to Elizabeth Park. Please note this weekend is Rose Weekend (when the roses are in full bloom), so it should be busy at both the park and the Pond House.

Would love to hear what other people have eaten and enjoyed here. Their Tasty Tuesdays menu looks good and reasonably priced.

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  1. We did and enjoyed it very much. Was two years ago I believe. Can't remember more. Have great rose pics!

    1. If you plan to go on the weekend, be sure to get reservations. Right now, Sundays are at least a two-week wait. I hope to get there during the week soon when there is a good chance of getting a table.

      1. We went once, for a wedding. The groom's steak was raw, and the 'vegetarian lasagna' had no paste, just a pile of undercooked veggies with some cheese. Very bad experience.

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          No one has mentioned that on Tuesdays the Pond House offers a $15.55 menu that changes monthly. June's menu is as follows:

          TASTY TUESDAYS! Every Tuesday From 5 - 9 pm

          June 2009

          Picnic in the Park

          Course 1: Gazpacho - avacado mousse and essence of spring onion

          Course 2: Grilled Herb Chicken - served over parmesan risotto with mushroom essence

          Course 3: Ralph's Strawberry-Rhubarb Shortcake with vanilla essence and whipped cream

          All for $15.55 per person Reservations highly reccomended BYOB

          Tasty Tuesdays are available Tuesday evenings year round at The Pond House Cafe

          Tasty Tuesday menu changes monthly