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Jun 19, 2009 08:09 AM

Quinn's Gastropub - Seattle

I am two for two in the gastropub scene. I had previously been to Spur and have now tried Quinn's and have loved them both. They are a little bit different experience, but both top notch, from both a beer selection (Pub) and food quality (Gastro) perspective.

Are there other destinations in the Seattle area, that compare to these two gems in the gastropub culinary category?

For more details on Irena's and my Quinn experience last night, stop by Tao of Chow.

Billy Bob

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  1. Those two are in a class of their own right now in Seattle, imo. I'm also a big fan of the Jolly Roger Taproom, which isn't on the same level as far as experimental cuisine, but is very good at what it does for food and beer. Lunch offers more options than dinner, but they are both good. My only complaint would be lack of space, but word on the street is that they are looking to expand in to a bigger space in the early Fall in the FreeLard area (near the Fred Meyers and the post office building).

    1. Funny, i've never had beer at Spur because I've always been too busy enjoying their latest cocktail creations. If they bring back one of their seasonal drinks, the one with stone fruit/red wine foam, be sure to try it. Also, judging by your blog post, you may have just scratched the surface of their culinary offerings, which are more ambitious/creative than QUinn's imo, less Euro-pub fare and more the type of food you might find on an eclectic tasting menu perhaps-- enjoy!.

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        I hope to visit both places frequently to explore further. I did try some of Spur's exotic drinks on my second visit (my write up was after my first) and liked them immensely.


      2. It doesn't bill itself as a gastropub but I've always thought of the Palace Kitchen as Seattle's ur-gastropub.

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          I will add it to my list of a gazillion places I can't wait to try. Right now at the top of that list is Poppy!

          Billy Bob

        2. visited quinn's thursday night for dinner. enjoyed everything, but the marrow bone with escargot was a really memorable shining star. two of us split four tapas-style plates, had a couple drinks, and left satisfied for $30 each. my only gripe was sitting in the blah upstairs area. next time, i'll sit in the more vibrant bar area.

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            Thanks for the tip on avoiding upstairs. We sat at the bar and loved the energy.


          2. Black Bottle in Belltown is delicious and fits the definition of gastropub as long as you can ignore the pretentious hipsters that fill the place.