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ISO Real Caesar Salad

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I have never had a REAL caesar salad and would love to try it at least to know what its supposed to taste like (my only reference point so far is the generic caesar served in most places).
Please recommend a place to get it?

Thank you!

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  1. I have no idea what you're talking about, but the Caesar salad at Nonna on the UWS is incredible.

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          sorry, i didn't realize it was so early

      1. Centolire is my favorite Caesar Salad in town.

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          Centolire makes the best caesar!

          1167 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10028

        2. in NYC, that's going to be very very difficult...when i moved here from LA, the two things i missed (and continue to miss) most are authentic Thai food and the Caesar salad at Dan Tana's restaurant, which many consider the best in the US...

          In general, LA restaurants do the Caesar better than NY (the Caesar was invented not so far away from LA, in Tijuana, Mexico)...

          I've yet to have a good one in NYC...even when you ask about it and if it's a real, traditional Caesar (and you get an "Oh yes! Ours is very authentic!" from the server), what you are served is usually a cruel Ranch-dressing joke...West Branch claimed exactly that and what came out was an upscale take on Ranch dressing (no worcesteshire, no garlic, no anchovy in any form)

          others here have suggested Pietro's on 43rd St, but i haven't been there yet...

          It's a shame that even a great place like Keens (a restaurant which i otherwise love) can't manage a Caesar (theirs tastes like something served at Wendy's)...

          1. When I last went to NY in March, I had dinner at Il Tinello and I had the ceasar salad. They prepare it table side to your liking. I have to say it was a bit on the expensive side but I enjoyed my dinner there. It is not a trendy place but a very nice place to have a quiet dinner.

            1. Primehouse makes a real version, although I think the "dressing" to lettuce ratio is too high.

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                To me it was more like they went through the motions and the results tasted pretty far from what one should taste like, but at least they do the tableside ritual.

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                  I really like Primehouse's, especially with the crab croutons! And, surprisingly, Houston's (Hillstone's now, I guess?) makes a really delicious one.

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                    ohh, you're right..I always LOVED the caesar's at Houston's!!!!!!!!

                2. Here you can see a video of him making his salad..


                  1. Pietro's on 43rd. It's prepared table side by your waiter. Follow it with a strip steak and a half order of shells a la nat.

                    232 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017

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                      hi...does Pietro's have a bar that you can eat at?

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                        There are tables in the bar area you can eat at. However, I don't think I've ever seen anyone dine at the bar itself.

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                        Shells A La Nat is one of my favorite dishes in the city. However, I dont like the vibe of the place. The average diner age is 70+

                      3. Pear Oyster Bar has a nice caesar.