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Jun 19, 2009 07:55 AM

What to order at Buddah's Vegetarian (666 Dundas)?

Somone here said the hot and sour soup was good so will get that. Other suggestions? I try to avoid the mock meats for the most part. (Also does anyone know if you can ask them to add garlic to the food?)

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  1. I haven't ever had anything I didn't like from Buddah's - altho I do also avoid mock meats...

    I usually get the Chinese mushrooms with veg on noodles, or the 3 kinds of mushrooms with veg on noodles. The Chinese greens are good too. Always fresh, great tasting vegetables.

    I like thier hot and sour soup and thier spring rolls as well.

    One word of warning - you will not be able to eat everything you order. Their small soup is big and their dishes are enormous. HUGE even. If I were going with one other person, I would likely only order one dish...but you can take home the leftovers and eat for a week!

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      I always bring tuperware when I go out to eat so, yeah, we'll be eating leftovers for some time, based on what you're saying! Any soft tofu dishes that you like? (Are the noodles with the mushrooms a rice noodle? I wish I could find the menu on line--I hate going to places without reviewing the menu at home first--too many distractions when I get to the restaurant to do a decent job with a big menu...)

    2. Do give the mock duck a shot--it's just layered sheets of yuba, IMO no resemblance to duck at all. Very delicous, very addictive.

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        OK, I'll definitely put it forward and let you know if we order it.

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          Portions are large there. I agree with the mock duck, good choice. The spring rolls are large and ok, fairly greasy but always freshly deep-fried. The Yuba roll is fantastic (forget what they call it on the menu, its the other roll item in the appetizer section ... vegetarian roll maybe). The 3 mushroom fried rice is also great. The last time I was there about a month ago we had one of their flat rice noodle dishes and it was very good but I can't remember the item, sorry. I also recall enjoying their Singapore style vemicelli.

      2. You can't go wrong with the Buddha's special noodles. It's a pirex pie plate loaded with noodles and topped with mushrooms, fungus and vegetables. It's super yummy. It is enough for 2-3 people to share for dinner. The BEST hot and sour soup in the city by a land slide with the tofu being so fresh it melts in the mouth. I forget the name of it but I also love the diced veggies with cashews and they don't chince out on the nuts. The cashew dish goes excellently with the curry noodles. Edible, you got me thinkin it's time for a date with my long lost friend Buddha's at 666 Dundas.

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          That's Dundas Street West

          Buddha's Vegetarian Foods
          666 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T1H9, CA

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            Do you recall what kind of noodles were in the Buddha's special noodles? My fave are the flat rice noodles...

          2. We usually order deep fried spring rolls, their yuba rolls, deep fried wontons, and some noodle dishes like Buddha's special noodles.

            I don't think you can request garlic, technically, they shouldn't even have it in their kitchen. The use of garlic and onion is taboo in Buddhist Vegan Food. I think it's based on some old Buddhist legend.

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              I did have that sense it was taboo---but I've heard of some such restaurants that allow for it to be added if you ask. I guess they're less strict or something?

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                I think their spring rolls are amazing, they're really fresh and full of cabbage and carrot and not the sad mushy noodle/cabbage combo that curses so many spring rolls elsewhere.
                Also great is their 3 kind of mushrooms soup, really delicate broth, lots of mushrooms with noodles or without, and you can season as you like at the table.
                For a noodle dish, I always go with one that's called something like "fried e-fu noodle with vegetable" on the menu. It's just crispy yellow chowmein noodles covered with sauce, bok choy a bit of tempeh and vegetables and it's very satisfying.
                The imitation duck people love, but I'm not crazy about it. I tried some taro or yam roll dish there once that was weird (deep fried taro served with a sweet and sour sauce with pineapple and red peppers) but strangely addictive.

            2. Tried the place out last night and wow, huge portion sizes as you people warned me. I liked greatly the ingredients used (loved those light flowery, manta-ray shaped black fungi/mushrooms and the little round ones that I can't remember the name of) and the Chinese broc was very good. I enjoyed the role thingy (tofu roll maybe? Can't remember the name--though it wasn't the spring roll or the yam roll--lots of nice chopped veg in there, came together nicely). However, I found the hot and sour soup not hot and sour enough for me personally and the yam roll had a taste of something like... nutmeg maybe? I'm not sure what it was but it threw me. I also probably made a mistake in ordering the Buddah noodles with the wide flat rice subbed for the yellow crunchy ones. While the mushrooms and such on top of the noodles were good, the rice noodles were like a cement bed under it---not cohesive at all. I could see how the lighter yellow noodles would do better in this. I think though my biggest problem with the meal is lack of garlic. I NEED garlic in Chinese cooking! Anyway, thanks for the suggestions and I'm glad I tried it out though I think my go-to Chinese/Asian veg place remains Cafe 668 (even if they are more expensive).

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                Yes, you can never finish your order there. I am having that 3 mushroom noodles dish. I had the mushroom + chinese broccoli too. I know I forgot the mock duck!!! I saw someone else order it at another table :( next time I go there. I love the mock meats...I guess its an asian thing.

                Yes everything everyone else mentionned on the board is good...never had anything I didn't like there yet!