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Jun 19, 2009 07:51 AM

Pizza Research- SE Denver

Rather than add to the rambling generalized pizza thread I decided to selfishly create a more concentrated thread. Tonight is "Family Movie Night" where I bring home pie and we eat in front of the TV on a blanket (I actually take the throne on the couch and beg my wife to bring me more wine so I don't have to get up). We watch avant-garde cinema. Our last session found us arguing the philosophical implications of "Finding Nemo". Was Nemo lost spiritually as well as physically? Was Nemo's dad acting on a twisted Oedipal impulse and actually killed his wife since he knows the real Oedipus found his way back anyway? And who, exactly, is Virgil in this story? Wow. My 2 year old soundly countered all of my arguments and showed that the pelican was not actually performing a heroic act but was caught in an existential crisis trying to wrestle himself free from his true destiny and fate. I was left knowing that I am and will always be an intellectual doughnut hole.

So anyway.... pizza research must continue in the name of gluttony and science. I'm looking for a place I haven't tried that is SAlma (South of Alameda), EaCo (East of Colorado), ArapaNo ( North of Arapahoe Road) and whatever sounds hip for West of I-225. I have tried and loved New York Pizzaria, Papou's, Pantaleone's, Armanodo's, Basil Doc's. I like but don't *love* Anthony's, Papa Ricks, Little Ricci's, Sauce, Aurelio's, GeJo's IV, Frank the Pizza King, Bucci's, Big Bill's NY. Santoro's closed apparently. Piccolo's is just okay. Peppino's is a little less.

As you can tell- I'm not exactly picky when it comes to pizza. Any ideas I haven't thought of?

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  1. Further thoughts- I'm considering one of the following:

    Rocky Mountain Pie

    and maayybeeee the chain Z-Pizza

    Anyone have some insights on any of those joints?

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    1. re: e_bone

      A few streets further west and you could pick up Il Vicino on Santa Fe.

      1. re: littletonmike

        good idea. They have the place on Broadway / 6th as well right? Have always wanted to try. The reason I was trying to find "close to home" was: I didn't want cold pie when I pulled into the driveway.

    2. No love for Beau Jo's? A Colorado classic.

      Also the Saucy Noodle used to make a pretty decent pie, don't know if they still do, I haven't been there in years.