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Jun 19, 2009 07:46 AM

Ye Cottage Inn, Keyport

Been here since 1906 -- gotta be good, no? Chows appreciate your help on this one. Whats it like? Menu looks good although no prices. Is it musty, for some reason i get that feeling. Packed, noisy? Thankyou!

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  1. I would stick to Drew's (BYOB) or Trinity. For lunch on a nice day get a take-out sandwich at the Keyport Fishery, walk across the street and sit overlooking the bay.

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    1. re: FoodDoc

      Agreed. There is far better food at the Fishery or one of the better restaurants in town. The crowd is... "older," shall we say? Lots of early birds. Food is mediocre, nothing to be said about the ambiance. Basically just a really old building (like most are in town) that still happens to serve food. I'd much rather grab a fresh sandwich from the Fishery and eat overlooking the bay.

      1. re: websterwoman

        ditto agreed - crowd is older but that's not a bad thing...(so's my BF...) LOL. Anyway ok 1) service very nice, friendly waitress - called ahead, they saved a table at the window for 2 people and responded to my email questions promptly (had not been b4 and had some inquiries re directions, ccards, etc). Server a little lacking towards end but it was very busy, a tad inexperienced but very sweet. 2) Location nice, esp w/ all the rain -- the water was WELL above the seawall in 1/2 into the parking lot during high tide. cool and scary! nice to be out of woodbridge and near the water for a change, even it it was pouring... 3)pricing - eh not cheap but not terr expensive for the meal, about average for a large restuarnat 4) decor, "any day this could be a diner", the rug and color scheme is just too dated, but clean. no one there seemed to mind the mirrors, chrome etc...Party room nice (no view). 5) the food: well, ok its not the best. fish was very fresh. little neck clams very small as requested but almost manila, not little neck. fried oysters good, not sweet and juicy though. salad was just a salad, nothing spectacular. the linquine fra diavolo was not il castellos thats for sure, and it was a few dollars more here! the broiled combo had shrimp, scallops, king crab and filet. the king crab was one piece of pulled crab from somewhere, that was disappointing but the rest of fish was tasty. Overall experience: nice, good, someplace different (for us), glad we didnt do keyport fishery - their crabs are double the price of Clark Fishery and not what I was looking for that night re sitdown meal. Sure, there's better places but this was a "nice" meal.

        1. re: nyebaby37

          Thanks for the detailed report, nyebaby37. I agree that there's nothing wrong with a more "mature" crowd, especially since Mr. R. and I would fit right in. lol Sounds as though the Cottage Inn hasn't changed much, and it's good to know the food is still decent. Maybe one of these days, we'll eat there again for old times' sake.

    2. Talk about a blast from the past! Back in the day (late '60's and through the '70's), Ye Cottage Inn was our "go to" place for seafood, and we went there regularly with family and friends. I can't recall now when we ate there last, but it was a lo-o-o-ng time ago.

      It's a big place. Back then, nothing fancy. The spacious main dining room had lots of wood and seafood-themed decorations. There was also a small front "garden" room. The restaurant was *very* popular and was usually packed, though I don't remember it being uncomfortably noisy. I'd also be curious about what kind of a crowd it attracts these days.

      I've often wondered whether the food is still of the same quality. If so, by my standards *today*, I'd rate it ok., but nothing special.

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        Deja-vu all . We moved from Queens, NY to East Brunswick in 1975 and the Ye Cottage Inn quickly became our favorite seafood go to place. But alas, we have not been there in more years than I care to remember so I also think occasionally - how is this place today?