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Jun 19, 2009 07:36 AM

Food in Camden Town

Recently moved to Camden town and am looking for good pizza and decent Indian. Any recommendations?

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  1. Sorry, i cant help you with the restaurant choices, although there is a good pizza place on the left if you're heading towards Mornington Crescent (after McDonalds).

    If you want great cocktails before dinner, go to 55 bar, they have a buy one get one free offer from 6pm - 8pm.

    1. This thread had suggestions for Camden. Maybe the ideas will help you a bit.

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        The pizza place I refer to on Parkway is called Al Parco. I haven't tried them but the pizzas look OK from the display. Friends of mine (one of them Italian) eat at the Al Parco Highgate and report that the pizza is perfectly respectable. Not a million miles away (Bus 31 then a walk) is Sarracino on Broadhurst Gardens which does the best pizza I've encountered in NW London (apart that is from my own home made versions :-), it's so easy).

        Indian in Camden Town, nothing comes to mind. You've got Drummond Street within easy reach, Raavi Kebab gets some praise on the board (haven't been myself). There's also a new place called Zeen opened up by the daughter of Sir Gulam Noon, might be worth exploring. Probably your best bet is the Bus 31 to Swiss Cotttage to eat at Eriki on Finchley Road. And I'm hearing good things about Meghna Grill in Hampstead Village which I intend to try out at some point soon.

      2. There are a few good places you should try.
        Mezza Express on Parkway for good lebanese
        El Parador on Eversholt Street for excellent Tapas and a great wine list
        Teachi on Parkway for Chinese
        Chiccos Pizza is ok, definately the best option in the area, but far from incredible.
        Indian sadly there are lots of middling ones, but no stand out. I second getting on the 31 and heading to Eriki on Northways Parade/Finchley Road. Let us know if you discover any hidden gems

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          thanks everyone!! we did give Al Parcos a go and it was pretty good. We are hoping to try out Yum Chaa sometime soon, and the lebanese place on park way. Will report back.