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Jun 19, 2009 07:33 AM

Dinner for me and two friends - what should I make?!

Alright, here's my story:

I've got a pantry with various pastas, rices, and canned black and garbanzo beans.

This week's CSA delivery included the following:
2 ears corn
2 lbs. white potatoes
1 head green cabbage
bunch baby carrots
1 pint yellow cherry tomatoes
1 lb green beans
peaches, nectarines, and apricots
two purple onions
1 large shallot
lots of garlic

I've also got:
1 bunch basil
8oz walnuts

Ideally, I'd like to avoid purchasing a bunch of additional ingredients.

So! What do you all think I should make?

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  1. Chop up some of everything except the fruit, yogurt, and milk, and toss to combine. Oil up a 12" skillet and make a vegetable hash. If you've got some large tortillas, heat them and stuff them with the mixture and some cheese, Cook to melt the cheese and top with a spoonful of plain yogurt or crema.

    1. Sounds to me like a potato and corn salad dressed with pesto and served with a salad a of cherry tomatoes and beans, or a cabbage-carrot cole slaw if prefered.

      Mixed stone fruit crisp for dessert.

      1. Makings of a great dinner there! My shopping list would only have these things on it: Loaf of french bread, balsamic if you don't already have it (Best you can afford for the peaches, cheapy for the starter), good parm reggiano, flat leaf parsley. Might be a couple other staples you listed below that you need. Grab a great bottle of crisp Sauvignon Blanc, sit in the evening humidity and enjoy the company.

        Starter: Chick Pea (Garbanzo) Crostini
        Saute the shallots in a bit of OO, cook chick peas until warmed through, add a bit of decent balsamic, and a touch of red pepper flakes. Cook down until the sauce coats the chick peas, salt to taste. Rub some sliced bread with OO and garlic, toast in the oven until dark browned on edges. Top the slices with the chick pea mix, grate on some good parm reggiano, and some chopped italian parsley.

        Fresh Tomato Pasta
        Make a very simple sauce for a long noodle, with evoo, garlic, titch of white wine, the cherry tomatoes (seeded, in half), the basil (just add to the pasta after cooking, not the "sauce), and use the pasta water to tighten (keep the pasta firm for the texture). Salt & Black pepper to taste, and more of the parm reggiano (don't forget the pasta water and parm are salty, so don't overdo it). Couple of those garlic rubbed toasts on the side. Very light, pasta stands out, great hot day pasta. Yum.

        Dessert: Slice the nectarines, peaches and apricots, rub them with olive oil and grill them briefly to carmelize the sugars a bit and give them some grill marks add a drizzle of high quality balsamic over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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          I like your crostini idea! And also the sauvignon blanc idea!

        2. Thank you for your input, beautiful people! Ferdzy - I'm using your combo of potatoes and corn, but doing a chowder instead of a salad.

          The menu looks like this:

          bruschetta with yellow cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, and shaved parmesan

          potato and corn chowder with bacon and green beans

          sauvignon blanc

          and *mystery dessert* provided by a friend who's coming to dinner.