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Jun 19, 2009 06:59 AM

Cervantes of Spain, Cranford

It's a toss up between Mojave Grille and Cervantes - have not been to either. I got comments back re Mojve (THANKS HOUNDS), now looking @ Cervantes.
Any thoughts? TIA

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  1. ick! Is what comes to mind when I think of Cervantes. Do yourself a favor, stick with mojave. We went a few months back, and it was like going to a "chain" Spainish/Portuguese restaurant. How can you serve paella with bad seafood? The smell could be detected right away. I sent it back, and chose not to order anything else. The manager/owner, whoever insisted everything was fresh, but that smell I was not going to play around with.

    My husband ordered his setak med. rare and came out well, that was sent back to. I think the servers thought we were just picky people, but we really wanted to have an enjoyable meal. Needless to say, that did not happen.

    I have always liked Mojave, so go there and have a shrimp quesadilla for me! :)

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      i yi yi -- ewwww. i read some pretty mixed reviews online but mostly just "ok". i love little spain in fords, i'll stick with that // and try mojave too. going to post on yet another place, ye cottage inn in keyport. been there forever apparently. TY, how a kitchen manager can let a smelly dish out is beyond me!

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        Totally agree, and all the more disappointing for the fact that Cervantes, which is located by the Cranford train station on North Avenue, is very convienient and nighttime parking is abundant.

        So many bad Spanish/Portuguese places out there now--Spanish Tavern, which used to be really good, has gone totally downhill. I can't understand why there are so many cars in the lot.

      2. To muddy the waters a little more...If you are interested in seafood and want the Westfield area I've had a couple very good meals at Limani Seafood. If still looking to go to MG or C than stick with MG.

        1. Hate to be negative, the only thing positive is parking in front...

          1. Convenient---Not worth it!