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Sep 9, 2004 09:17 PM

Any better subs than the ones at Giamela's?

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For years my favorite standby has been my local, Giamela's on Magnolia/Victory, in Burbank. I love the generous portions of meat put on their submarine sandwiches. I'm curious, are there any restaurants out there that serve a submarine sandwich on the scale of Giamela's? Or, better?


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  1. Way, way better than Giamelli's is Santoro's on Burbank, between Victory and Buena Vista on the north side of the street. They are real live, honest-to-god, East coast subs. For those of you from the North Shore of Boston, it's a touch of home literally, as the mother of this sandwich shop is the Santoro's in Lynn, MA. It seems that some family members moved to LA years ago and happily carried on the sub tradition. On a rare occassion, some high school kid behind the counter slightly flubs the sandwich, but 99 % of the time they're spot on. Try the Italian with everything on it, or if you're a real carnivore, the hot pastrami is a fat tinged wonderment.

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      Santoro's is absolutely better than Giamella's and Dans, both of which I find very bland. Also try Bay Cities Deli in Santa Monica which has the best bread by far.

    2. Dan's Super Subs on Ventura Blvd. way the heck out in the west valley by Fallbrook and Shoup Ave. but worth the drive.

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        As a long-time (circa 1967) Santoro's devotee, I was cautious about a friend's recommendation of Dan's. Splendid! Large, packed with quality ingredients, served quickly. Parking is a problem, but it's worth it!

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          In the same general area is Cricca's, on Topanga Canyon Blvd. at Dumetz (south of Ventura Blvd.) It went radically downhill after the long-time owner, Ron Cricca, retired and sold the store, but the folks who are running it now have restored it to its former glory. Having compared Cricca's to Dan's (many times), I have no doubt that Cricca's is better across the board. Easier parking, too.

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            I've eaten at Cricca's three times since first reading this thread, and I've been pleased each time. They offer the toasted option; on a hot day the second half of the splendid well-provisioned sandwich became the next day's lunch. Beware: it's easy to miss the chalkboard specials on the north wall. My only gripe is the simultaneous TV and radio creating cacaphony. Please lose the GD TV; I don't watch it at home, and I sure as hell don't want it crammed at me whilst I sup.

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              I took your advice and now frequent Cricca's. The Italian sub on flakey, sturdy bread with the works and deli Mortadella to go is a dream come true. As good as any I've had in the states.

          2. Well I like Giamela's too but for a change you might also try Mario's Deli in Glendale or Eastside Italian Deli near Chinatown. And then there is also Pinnochio's in Burbank.

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            1. re: Sam D.

              Yes, John's, Eastside market and italian deli, is great especially the #7 and #21. Dan's Super subs in woodland hills is also very good.

            2. I am a fan of the subs at Mario's Italian Deli in Glendale.

              Mario's Italian Deli & Market
              740 East Broadway
              (818) 242-4114

              If you are ever in Santa Monica, check out Bay Cities Italian Deli on Lincoln Blvd.


              1. Cavaretta's Italian Deli, Sherman Way & Topanga

                DeFranko's, Woodley & Vanowen

                My Hero, Reseda Blvd & Plummer

                All better than Giamela's IMO.

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                  I really like the Sub Queen in Sylmar on Foothill.

                  Tasty filling and amazing bread.