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Any must haves at Blue Ribbon Brooklyn?

Going to Blue Ribbon tonight for dinner and will definitely order the bone marrow appetizer. Are there any other must haves on the menu?

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  1. The fried chicken is terrific, although it is pricey.

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        True enough, but I think the fried chicken is pricier than most given what it is.

    1. I really like the shrimp with chorizo appetizer and the calamari with chorizo appetizer

      1. The chicken is pretty darn great. The ribs appetizer is also. Everyone loves the marrow. You can't really go wrong there in my opinion.

        1. I second the shrimp with chorizo appetizer. I enjoyed the steamed clams as well and I love their french onion soup.

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            i second the steamed clams. with copious amounts of bread for soaking up the broth! i always order them, the smoked trout salad, some rawbar stuff, a martini, and i'm set.

            my fowl-eating dining companions rave about the fried chicken, no matter the price. the chocolate chip bread pudding for desssert is ridiculous. you could skip the whole meal and just order an app with it and you'd be smiling.

          2. Thanks for all the replies. We went last night and had a fabulous time. The food is amazing. We ordered the bone marrow appetizer (OMG!), fried chicken, and the shrimp and chorizo. My son has the children's menu steak. I really appreciated their kids menu as it had some sophisticated choices rather than the usual grilled cheese, hot dog etc. All the food was incredible. Already thinking of the next time...will get the bone marrow, of course, and definitely some oysters. They looked amazing. The smoked trout salad and clams sound great too.

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              The fried chicken is my absolute favorite dish there with the bone marrow a close second....sure it is pricey but one bite and I always forget that!

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                Yeah, it really is amazing how expensive Blue Ribbon has become (although is has always been pricey, I wonder how they can justify $11 for a iceberg lettuce salad and $3.50 per oyster). Nevertheless, we had an extremely positive experience there on a visit this week.
                Two of us shared a smoked trout salad ($15), which was split in the kitchen and ended up being both generous and tasty. We also had the grilled bronzino ($29), which was done perfectly, weighed in at about 1/2 pound and was served with a tomato coulis and shaved fennel. With a bottle of muscadet ($30, retail $9), tax and tip, the evening cost $130. Expensive, yes. But service was outstanding, quality of food superb and noise level lower than most Park Slope restaurants (we were seated at 7 PM, at which point the joint was only 1/3 full). Can't do $130 every week, but as a treat, and in the mood for wonderful grilled fish, it was more than pleasant.

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                  My wife and I are long-time BR Brooklyn fans and have been there dozens of times over the years. While we do think their prices are high (especially the wine markups), what brings us back time after time is their overall commitment to excellence for every part of the meal. They consistently get it right.

                  The service is neither obtrusive nor intrusive, rather it is very attentive. The managers roam the dining room and pitch in whenever and wherever needed. They don't seem to suffer the service lapses that so many restaurants can't seem to avoid.

                  The food is consistently excellent, prepared professionally with top-notch ingredients. Given the variety of the menu and the crowds they get, it really is amazing how they do it so well.

                  But it all comes at a price. I guess they justify the $11 iceberg lettuce salad and the $3.50 oysters by the fact that the dining room is consistently filled with happy and faithful diners. While I might appreciate lower prices, I might not appreciate whatever decline in quality that would follow.

                  If Blue Ribbon Brooklyn were located, say, in Soho or Tribeca, the prices would not stand out at all. My wife and I are very, very happy it sits in Park Slope.

                  1. re: BrookBoy

                    I appreciate your viewpoint (and I'm sure BR appreciates your loyalty), but there is NO excuse for an $11 iceberg lettuce salad or a $3.50 oyster. I indicated in my posting that we loved our meal and agree with you about the service. You are fortunate to be able to afford such frequent visits to BR.