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Jun 19, 2009 03:45 AM

Does a Fantastic Restaurant for a Wedding Dinner in Juneau, Alakska exist?

Bonjour and Bon Appetit!

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions for fantastic restaurants in or near Juneau, Alasaka? We're going to have about 12 people for a wedding dinner and there and have read mixed reviews on all the restaurants in Juneau. We don't live in Alaska hence the question! Does anyone have an first hand experience at dining in Juneau? or any caterer suggestions!



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  1. Not a lot of options unfortunately. I ate Dinner and Lunch at the Hangar. Great View of the Bay and good beer selection. The Cajun Halibut was very good. The Bahnhof (sp?) looked a little more upscale, but very dark.

    1. The wedding has probably already occurred, but for other Hounds' future reference, the NYTimes ran a piece called "36 Hours in Juneau" that includes some dining recommendations. See