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Jun 19, 2009 03:26 AM

Tower Diner, Forest Hills

Just wondering if anyone has any reviews of the Tower Diner? Thanks.

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  1. I've ordered delivery from here - they have an online delivery system which is really convenient and quick. It's decent - we got the usual diner fare - burgers and fries. It's not a bad place to eat if you're looking for comfort food in the neighborhood.

    1. I order from them all the time, it is my go to dinera. the food is pretty good (the only thing I dont like is the grilled chicken or chicken fingers), but it is good diner food.They deliver quickly and almost always get the order correct, which is huge.
      however, i dont usually go to the diner there as it is always crowded and the space is small

      1. Yeah, a solid diner. Been a couple times and it's always better than I expect. Also they are very nice even when dealing with large groups. Omelets are good, not greasy.

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          Tower Diner is good....but I prefer the Shalimar a few blocks away on 63rd Dr.

          1. re: EricMM

            Tower is a diner is a diner; they shine as mentioned with fast delivery and a pretty nifty website. I concur about Shalimar; it might even be a tad better, a bit cheaper and lots more space.

        2. Thanks everyone for the replies.

          1. ya the place is ok, nothing special. the diner on the triangular corner where the new dunkin donuts is (across from New York Sports Club) was much nicer, much more charming. with that said, when I want to wolf out I get the twin cheeseburger deluxe; monster meal.