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Blau Ganz, The Redhead, Black Pearl, New Green Bo...

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For some bizarre reason, I decided to spend part of July eating (and d drinking) only in restaurants and bars with a color in their name (as in the title). I know, my wife thinks I'm nuts, butit's not for the first time... Can you add to my list, and make it complete? (and maybe prioritize the selections?) Thanx

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  1. Interesting idea. But Black Pearl closed some time ago.

    Blue Smoke. More for the first-rate burger than for the bbq which I think is just o.k.


    Le Singe Vert (English translation: The Green Monkey) - French bistro. We've never been.


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      All of the Blue Ribbons...

      Locanda Verde
      Blue Fin, Blue Water Grill

      1. re: RGR

        Red Egg

      2. Green Table
        Barney Greengrass

        1. Blue Hill

          1. Azul Bistro, Celeste, Cabo Rojo, Rouge Tomate, Pata Negra, Pepe Verde, Pepe Rosso, Bistro Rouge, Bistro Chat Noir, Cercle rouge, Le poisson rouge, Las panteras negras, Grey Dog, Bianca, La Perle Noir, Pink Pony...

            1. Red Lobster.

              1. Red egg, Red Bamboo, Red Cat

                and Reg Mango and Pinkberry (if those count)

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                  Why wouldn't they count? He didn't say he's skipping dessert. lol

                2. L'Orange Blue (is that still open)? Red Lantern

                  1. White Castle.

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                      Bar Blanc

                    2. Is Maroon's still open? Rosa Mexicano. Ruby et Violette. Pink Tea Cup.

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                        No, Maroon's has closed.