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Jun 19, 2009 01:51 AM

Bringing cheese back?

I am returning to the states from Loire valley, and want to know if it is ok if i bring an unpasteurized cheese back from France. Will the officer at JFK have any problem with it?

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    1. Try to make a long story short. You may be greeted at airport by either ATF agents, who care about drugs and liquor or Agriculture people, who care about meat and dairy. There are a zillion ATF agents and very, very few Agri people. l always bring back cheese and have never been questioned. However, if questioned would give it up in a second. Bring back Pouligny-St Pierre, real St Maures with the straw through the center and Selles-sur-Cher. Lots more, but these are some of the easiest to get and wonderful. If see Clacbitou, a little barrel, jump on it, my favorite chevre from France. The issue is under 60 days aging, these are all under 60 days, more than 60 days, quite all right even with Agri people. Small cheese store in Angers that always has 'Pechegos' from the Arriege, should you be fortunate to see this get as well,

      1. I bring cheese in at least twice a year, and always declare it. As it's obviously just for personal use, I've never had any problems, even from Agriculture.

        1. Just to add an comment. Unpasturized cheeses that are aged less than 60 days tends to be very perishable. I would bring back only enough to eat in the coming few days. Much more then that, the cheese will be past its prime and really not worth the effort and cost.

          1. A word of caution, not about entering, but about leaving. Put it in your checked luggage, don't carry it on. On a recent intra-Schengen flight, I tried to bring a few cheeses as gifts. Everything softer than the comté was confiscated as a "semi-liquid" and thrown in the trash.