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Jun 19, 2009 12:02 AM

Ellenville, NY?

Hey Everyone,
I will be throwing a birthday dinner for my wife in Ellenville, NY (or just outside). I know very little about the area and I wondered if you hounds have any ideas about bakeries for a b-day cake, fish markets, or farmers markets. Any advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.

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  1. for a birthday cake, try Cohen's Bakery right in downtown Ellenville. they also have excellent rugeluch and pumpernickel rye bread and an excellent black and white cookie. there is a farmers market in downtown ellenville on sunday mornings from 9-2 i believe that features great produce from local farms (including the farms from our local organic CSA). as for restaurants, there is very little in the area worth noting. there is Aroma Thyme Bistro, a very expensive bistro with all sorts of interesting foods, pretty good food but service can be painfully slow (not good for children or big groups in my experience). there is also a fantastic deli called the European Deli on 209 across from the Mcd's. European Deli is an incredibly reasonable Polish/ Ukranian style deli- great locally made perogies (huge ukraniane population in this area), Polish meats, Borscht (red and white), great soups, everything is just delicious and super reasonable. a great spot for a quick bite in the style of eastern europe. otherwise, you are entering a vast culinary wasteland. as for purchasing fish in the area, good luck- closest reasonable fish market is in New Paltz, and even there it's just not great at all. better off driving to Fairway in Ridgewood NJ... enjoy and please report back on where you went! enjoy- fb

    1. Did you throw the party yet? Do you also want restaurant recommendations?

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        Thank you guys so much. We had a wonderful time! We ended up visiting the Pine Bush farmers market on Saturday which had gorgeous produce and some of the best goat cheese I've ever tasted. I actually brought a couple of grass fed porterhouses up with me and grilled them along with some local veggies. We also enjoyed a good amount of very good spanish rose. A wonderful weekend despite the rain!
        Thanks again for your help. We hope to be back soon.